What hides Vincci The Mint name in Madrid

It’s a bird…a plane…No! it’s a completely different hotel! and it’s opening in the centre of Madrid. This is what Vincci The Mint name hides. A new concept of hotel for travellers of the 21st century of the hotel chain Vincci Hotels. Fresh and modern style perfect for classic lovers, as well as for businessmen under Google influence, with a funny touch but with high-class and great design. All these and much more at Vincci The Mint.

Apart from the great interior design, this new hotel in the Spanish capital is part of the concept of boutique hotel or design hotel, which apart from its privileged location, reflects new values that generation in their 30s like: freedom, independency, personality, style, group loyalty and  nostalgia for childhood and adolescence details with high significance. Is the paradise for moderns and hipsters? A little bit, and it’s also really trendy!

Vincci The Mint, design hotel in Madrid

Vincci The Mint, design hotel in Madrid

The interior designer Jaime Beriestain from Barcelona took special care on every detail in order to create a cool and innovative space with classic and vintage touches. Amazing contrasts, special spots, spacious areas and small facilities and colours giving a great atmosphere and producing surprising effects: surprise guests with charming spaces, in which they want to stay forever, share with people and take pictures.

Differentiators and outstanding points:

  • Food truck at the rooftop: a different type of understanding gastronomy, as takeaway establishments and typical picnics on the countryside. A place where to relax and share food.
  • Suites so refreshing as its green mint colour. Spacious with modern furniture.
  • The reception is a bar with access to Gran Via. As you enter to the hotel to book a room, you should do it at the huge bar inside, so as you are answering questions like what’s your name?; Are you staying alone?; How long are you staying?, you are also enjoying a welcome cocktail.
  • Location. If you really want to enjoy the capital, there’s nothing better than booking one of its rooms at Gran Via in Madrid.

Interesting points near Vincci The Mint:

●      Puerta del Sol

●      Plaza Mayor

●      Plaza de España

●     Circulo de Bellas Artes

●     Madrid Royal Palace

●      Cibeles

●      Callao

●      Preciados