Wellness tourism is gaining momentum

Wellness tourism, is a sub segment of the so-called health tourism, it’s a market that has been growing incredibly during the past years in Spain that it turned into one of the star products that almost every 4 or 5 star hotel include in their services

Not having the proper equipment in order to offer a wellness plan in your hotel implies, nowadays, being out of an emerging market niche that will continue growing according to worldwide experts in tourism making important contributions in health, which is Spain’s main economic engine.

A study made by the Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation (EOI) and the State Secretary of Tourism confirmed that “There is another growing demand (especially in the centre of Europe) about the search of preventive health care or recovery treatments programs during holiday” we’re talking about wellness tourism, the growing service among the Spain hotels since the past years.

The study talks about some of the main characteristics of this segment is to offer services known as “medical wellness” in the world that include therapies and treatments for all those who want to take advantage of their holidays and recover from disease, surgeries, or illness, generally, mild, or well treat any ailment, get a dietician advice and psychological therapies.

The EOI study concludes that “Wellness tourism has been growing really fast in Spain, we can say that it has become an important business industry, the reason may be that it perfectly combines with other services such as sunny day, cultural guides, etc.“ It also points out that, evidently, numbers match with this tendency: in 2011 only the Spain hotel industry, specialized centres of wellness and thalassotherapy invoiced around 3.250 million of euros.

Our customers come mainly from a different country and they prefer all inclusive hotels in Marbella, luxury resorts in Majorca and spa hotels in Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, since these are the locations with the best weather and beaches from the country where the wellness tourism offer is larger. Most of the customers come from Germany looking for this sub-segment; as they have agreements for sanitary measures that subsidise part of the treatments.

When we talk about spa and wellness holiday we usually demand quality hotels or health resorts built in hot springs zones. North of Spain is our first guess in order to find hot springs as well as the Lleida Pyrenees but referring to Wellness hotels, Majorca and Andalusia and Canary coasts have a major demand and a established offer. This gives us the customers a benefit when we choose them: having a lot of spa hotels in Tenerife with a competitive market, made the wellness accommodation more affordable, this in an opportunity to any kind of customer to enjoy this delightful experience.