Visit Granada and Sierra Nevada without difficulties

The heroic and famous Granada bounded by Sierra Nevada is a popular touristic destination in Spain. Every year national and international tourists visit the city to know about this Nazari-kingdom history. They also travel to Granada to enjoy skiing in Sierra Nevada.

If you are planning to visit Granada, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, you should read this article. Come on!

Visit Alhambra and Parque de Ciencias in Granada

The Alhambra is a World Heritage Siteandatouristiciconinthis Spanish region.Everyyearmillionsofpeoplevisit this amazing monument.

We also stand out the impressive Parque de Ciencias, where science is shown in a dynamic and original way. You will enjoy the activities of movements of rotation and translation of the planet, playing with sounds or electricity experiments.  You cannot miss it.

Cold and sky in Sierra Nevada

Granada’s weather suits all tastes. Apart from the sunny places in the citysuchasFedericoGarcia Lorca park, there are also snowy places such as Sierra Nevada, which in fact affects the city climate.

Spanishpeoplealways thinksaboutGranada if they want to practice sky. So if you want to experience something different you should visit Sierra Nevada.

Moreover, you should choose the best mountain hotel in Sierra Nevada, Vincci Rumaykiyya.

If you are staying in the centre, you should stay at Albaicin

AlbaicinneighbourhoodisUNESCO’sWorld Heritage Site, therefore it’s a pleasure to stay there. A great  accommodation in the centre of Granada is perfect for a shopping day in the city centre, where we can find many crafts and Nazari art pieces, as well as enjoying one of the best Spanish gastronomy at any of the restaurants located between Granada’s Cathedral and Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Just delicious!