Vincci, Luxury at the service of rest

Vincci is one of the most renowned hotel chains in Spain, a hotel with a famous growth together with a sense of style, innovative designs and a selected deluxe services captured in each one of its hotels (more than thirty around the world). Vincci hotelsisan example of determination, a firm commitment to quality even if that means to leave the massive tourism behind, its objective is not the quantity, is the excellence, something that goes from the guest to its exclusive service.

The Vincci hotel chain have knownhow to fill its brand with values that goes beyond than the simple holiday accommodation, Book in a hotel in Tenerife or a hotel in Málaga and you’ll be picking a high quality reservation with the highest quality. It may not be affordable for everyone, sadly, but, if you ever have the chance, even for once, you will feel like a true king in an authentic relax oasis, full of luxury and the most cared services.

Vincci Gala, Barcelona

Vincci Gala, Barcelona

Some of its hotels, besidebringing you an exclusive 5 star high quality experience, are also pointof interest of the destination, like the Vincci Bit in Barcelona, a hotel turned into an art gallery, specially designed by the hotel chain, with artworks of the worldwide most renowned contemporary artists, But there is another jewel in Barcelona, the Vincci Gala is a must in the city,amodernist hotel next to Las Ramblas, a 19th century building excellently remodeled up to the point of becoming a city reference.

But that’s not all, the Vincci hotels in Madrid are as good as the mentioned ones, that know-how, that capability to embrace the destination’s essence and capture it in every corner, in every detail, creating a harmonized environment that allow every guest in the hotel to discover a part of the city’s history, something usually hidden for those who have never been there. Like the Vincci Soho, a 4 star hotel in Las Letras neighbourhood, built in a 5 building compound in the heart of the street where some of the most famous Hispanic writers lived (Cervantes, León y Prado). The inner design is avant-garde, however, it fits perfectly with the mysterious air, and the stories of the past lives, an authenticarchitecture jewel in the centre of Madrid.

They are authentic artists of the hotel industry that get past frontiers, applying it also to their foreign hotels. A genuine example would be the Vincci Porto, a hotel designed for cultural and business travels to the north of Portugal. This hotel stands out in the Vincci’s portfolio due its contemporary design, and its excellent location especially. This hotel located in the landmark building known as Bolsado Pescado, ahotspot in the heart of the city of Oporto, an historical place where people used to gather in the old days.