Urban hotels: the location advantages

Urban hotels are always characterised by its services, very specialized in publics such as business travellers, in holidays with friends or in romantic getaways, and by their location, not necessarily in the centre of a large city, but in a  more appropriate point of the city to the public in which they are specialized.

It is true that the general idea is that a good urban hotel should be in the centre of the city, because it is implied that is close to everything: main monuments, cultural centres, leisure and restaurants areas.. But the reality is different and the needs make that the urban hotels be precisely the best connected to the main streets and airports.

The urban hotels in Madrid are a good example to explain this dichotomy: there are perfect hotels in Puerta del Sol for crossing  the city during the weekend with your partner or for enjoying a long weekend in Madrid with friends. Nevertheless, this type of urban hotel or apartment in the centre of Madrid could be less useful for a business trip. In this case, it is better to opt for a hotel next to the Madrid airport and IFEMA, or a hotel in Atocha, next to the AVE station.

Aparthotel Serrano Recoletos

Aparthotel Serrano Recoletos

Many hotel chains dedicated to the management of urban accommodations in Madrid and Barcelona have significantly progressed in carefully combining location and public, offering car park next to the hotel, discounts in public transport, wide rooms for meetings, wide bedrooms, innovative services… All this contributes to give more importance to other factors different from the location, turning any urban hotel, in the centre or not, into a place where relax and work can always converge.

Even so, knowing how to take advantage of the location to adapt the hotel to a specific public is one of the most interesting formulas: it is about designing services and special spaces for those who need to stay right in the area where the hotel is located, and turn it into a place of reference.

A good example of this are the urban hotels for health tourism trips: hotels situated near to important hospitals in a city, where you can find simple rooms designed for long stays and for sharing, with car park or transport passes, flexible dining times or 24 hour coffee shops and vending machines…

The wise decision, definitely, is always to think of offering the best service to guests. The rest is an added value.

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