The unspoiled beaches of Cadiz: Calas de Conil

Calas de Conil is a privileged area comprehending lost coves and dramatic cliffs above the sea. This group of unspoiled beaches is part of the beautiful scenery provided by the coast of Cadiz, on the famous Costa de la Luz, a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday at a good price, away from the daily routine of the city and the chaotic day to day life.

Playas calas conil

Blessed with the intense luminosity that dominates this small corner of Andalusia, in Calas de Conil  we find the best unspoiled beaches of this coastal area: Cala de Pato, Cala Camacho, Cala Sudario, Cala del Tio Juan de Medina or Cala Encendida. From Puerto Conil to the residential area of Roche.

There are sandy beaches, of different sizes, all sheltered and away from residential and tourist areas. The swell is usually quite calm, and most of them have no restaurants or beach bars or any supervision, and many are protected from winds by the incredible clay stone cliffs.

Access to these beaches is usually complicated in some cases, especially if you visit with kids and too many bulks to spend the day at the beach, but the effort is well worth it: the beauty of these beaches is incomparable to any other place on the Andalusian coast.

Playas vírgenes calas conil

The best option to eat is to take with you a picnic and a beach bar  best preparation is to bring a picnic and a cooling box with soft drinks, or otherwise go to the Cala del Aceite, the only beach in Calas de Conil that has a beach bar.

Another option is to book an All Inclusive hotel in Calas de Conil and take advantage of the full breakfast and, after an intense day at the beach, enjoy a perfect dinner at the lively port of Puerto Conil.

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