Typical dishes that you should taste in Fuerteventura

The holiday in Fuerteventura is full of proposals for the senses. } If you have decided to spend some days of relax and beach in this beautiful Canary Island, you should not stop tasting its cuisine, at least the 4 typical dishes that represent it before the most demanding palates.   Certainly, you will be surprised.

The Fuerteventura cuisine has significant influences of its Guanche origins and preserves a very natural and simple making, offering, nevertheless, intense flavours. The basic products of the Island cuisine are fish, roasted grain flour, majorero cheese and potato.

Among the typical dishes of Fuerteventura, could be pointed four: kneaded gofio, wrinkly potatoes with mojo, sancocho and pejines.

Kneaded gofio: Maybe it does not sound very attractive, but is one of the most traditional and tasty typical dishes of Fuerteventura. It is a dough made with roasted barley flour, milk, water, stock (of fish or vegetables), wine and honey.  There are different versions, some of them have banana or raisins, potatoes, ground almond and cheese.

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Hotel

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Hotel

Sancocho: Legacy of majoreros, it has gone beyond borders and has become one of the leading dishes on the other side of the Atlantic. Traditionally linked to the Easter, the Sancocho of Fuerteventura is basically a stew of salted fish usually served with a delicious Mojo Rojo and white cheese sauce.

Papas arrugás: One of the most international typical dishes of Fuerteventura. Served as appetisers or nibbles, with varied mojos, although the traditional and most known is the mojo picón. A very simple dish, based on small cooked potatoes with skin and a lot of salt.  Ideally, they should be prepared with native potatoes like the black potato, eaten with skin.

Pejines: It is a small fish similar to the fresh anchovy and with intense flavour like the sardine.  They are fried, grilled or dried in the sun, the latter being one of the most traditional ways of eating fish in Fuerteventura. They are the perfect element for appetiser.

To taste these dishes you should look for typical pubs of the Canary Islands where you have booked your holiday hotel in Fuerteventura.  One of the most interesting areas gastronomically speaking is the south of the island: if you have a room in Jandía beach or Costa Calma, you will be one step away from Morro Jable, one of the most tourist fishermen small towns where you can find authentic treasures of cuisine with sea products such as the fish stock or the above mentioned pejines.

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