Traditional dishes you must try in Ibiza

Even though Ibiza is well-known especially for its exceptional offer of night leisure, this island hides secrets which are worth being discovered.  The traditional cuisine is one of them.  More and more hotels and accommodations in Ibiza are including this element in their leisure offer as a plus to win the traveller.

The possibility of eating with your feet on the sand, at the edge of a cliff with views of the Mediterranean, in a hidden cove or in a terrace with the best music of the moment make of Ibiza an unique place to enjoy a different gastronomic break.

Fresh products, native, prepared in a simple way, natural and with much tradition -a real achievement if we bear in mind the large quantity of tourists it receives- are the keys to understanding the essence of the Ibiza cuisine.

Bullit de peix

Bullit de peix

Dishes such as the fish rices, the grilled Cap Roig, some sautéed pine mushrooms, a delicious flaó for dessert… Everything keeping the most authentic customs, an advantage in relation to other tourism places where traditions give way to the international and fast food.

Grilled sardines at the beginning of the summer are a real ritual which is worth enjoying in some of the kiosks situated in the coves of Ibiza.  In some of them you can order the classic Bullit de Peix,  a fish stew very tasty, but it is more usual to find it in more complete restaurants since it needs an very elaborate cooking.

Many hotels in Ibiza offer these specialities in their restaurants during some nights of the week, so, do not forget to check the menu before you book a hotel with restaurant in Ibiza.

The garlic and olive oil vinaigrette, here and in the rest of the Balearic Islands, is an element that goes with almost all the meals of Ibiza.  It is served both as appetizer with pa de pagès (‘peasants’ bread’) and as complement to main dishes, specially to squids or rice dishes such as the paella.

If your hotel is located in the Portinatx area, you could easily go to the Xuclar cove where are placed the most complete beach kiosks of Ibiza, as far as high-quality local cuisine is concerned.  It is very recommended the fresh grilled fish of the day or the salads served with something fresh.

Accommodation in Ibiza

Accommodation in Ibiza

For starters. the most traditional foods are coca de pimiento (like a cake of grilled red peppers), panades (like a pasty), crostes (similar to the Italian bruschettas) and… for main dishes, arròs a banda (rice cooked in fish stock), arròs negre (black rice in English) or the classic paella; borrida de ratjada, freixura or the traditional peasant’s sauté served with all the products of the fertile region of Ibiza

The classic dessert is the flaó (typical of Easter), but there are also other delicious delicacies such as the orelletes, panellets (made with almond and egg, pine kernels and chocolate, according to each one’s taste) and robiols (fine pasties stuffed with jam and cabello de ángel).

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