Traditional dishes of Guadalajara

The cuisine of Guadalajara consists of a series of traditionally made dishes in which the seasonal products prevail. Its cuisine is basically made up of kid and lamb meat, freshwater fish and products with guarantee of origin and highest quality.

If you stay in a hotel in Guadalajara, you cannot miss the opportunity to try some of the most traditional regional dishes of Castilla La Mancha and taste its more genuine flavours.

Among the most common meats in the cuisine of Guadalajara, stand out the lamb and kid, with which different types of roasts with herbs are made.The game meats are also very important in the regional cuisine, the small game such as the partridge, the quail and the rabbit, and the big game such as the wild boar and the deer.

Dishes with freshwater fish are very traditional in Guadalajara, especially the trout cooked in different ways in the entire province, although every place has its speciality.

The cuisine of Guadalajara is also based on seasonal products, such as the boletus or the king trumpet mushroom which are part of the most traditional dishes. Likewise, the dishes with regional truffle are also very typical, and very coveted.

And among the traditional pastries of Guadalajara, it is worth tasting the famous bizcochos borrachos, they are just delicious. Ring-shaped pastries, Yemas del Doncel de Singüenza, alajú…

On the other hand, Guadalajara has a series of products with guarantee of origin and quality worth mentioning. Among them, honey from La Alcarria, which is by the way the unique honey in Spain with guarantee of origin. The oil from La Alcarria has also the guarantee of origin and quality, as well as the Mondejar wine, which is perfect for accompanying many traditional dishes of Guadalajara.

If you stay in an accommodation in Guadalajara, do not miss the opportunity to try the products and traditional dishes of this province. You won’t be disappointed.

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