Traditional dishes from the Andorran cuisine

The Andorran cuisine is very marked by the Pyrenean territory, where is located the Principality, so that its cuisine is mainly based on traditional mountain dishes made with game meats or freshwater fishes.

Besides, the influence of neighbouring countries is palpable in the Andorran cuisine, specially of Provence and Catalonia. Both cuisines are present in many of the traditional dishes of Andorra, providing typical touches of each region.

Among the traditional Andorran dishes, it is worth noting, for example, the trinxat, made with  potatoes, cabbage, salt pork and garlics. The escudella is also very typical, it is a traditional Catalonian stew made with chicken, sausages, meatballs and a soup made with different vegetables. Other main courses of this cuisine are the conill, cooked rabbit with tomato, or the xai, roasted lamb with spices.

Regarding fishes, the freshwater fishes are very typical, for example the trout, cooked in different ways in the entire Andorran territory. Other renowned products in Andorra are the high quality chesses and the serrano ham.

In respect to the desserts and pastries, the cocas are other Andorran specialities, as well as the torrija, a bread soaked in honey and cream. There are also very usual the roasted apples, served as a dessert or as an accompaniment to the main courses.

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