Torremolinos is getting ready for the summer

Torremolinos does not feel its age or its fame of ripe destination. More energetic and eager than ever, this tourism area in Costa del Sol is ironing out the details for receiving the 2014 summer full of new proposals: out of doors activities for kids, popular parties, musical events, funfairs, night leisure routes, water sports and extreme sports…

The Capital of Costa del Sol faces in this way the brand of being a faded place: Torremolinos has been always a family destination, but each time it is a meeting place for groups of young people, couples and singles looking for having fun, practising sports, meeting new people and enjoying the sun right in the Mediterranean.  Now, price is really affordable.

Beach Club hotel in Torremolinos

Beach Club hotel in Torremolinos

The great variety of hotels in Torremolinos and its growing specialisation has been changing the profile of an older and traditional tourism for one that suits a more dynamic traveller, innovative in his tastes and needs, looking for a destination that goes beyond sun and beach tourism.

This area of the Malaga coast is learning to rediscover some of its forgotten, but essential sides: tapas bar routes, good cuisine, streets atmosphere in summer nights, day in and day out parties, music and, specially, flamenco, sports competitions, sailing, surfing and beach football…

Some chains of hotels in Torremolinos have taken the lead and started their engines to receive the new season.  Special services to make travellers of all ages happy, the improvement in the cuisine, the comfort of choosing between full or half board… And, as always, the location: close to the commercial areas, next to the beach, in the more lively centre of the city.  The variety of proposals is infinite.

Lodgings like the Marconfort Hotels or Melià with its family hotels complex (Sol Hotels), have marked a milestone in the area, so that you can find nowadays from themed hotels for children to top level hotels for couples.  The improvement of lodgings has motivated better quality tourists that come to this area in the coast of Malaga, making possible to recover one of the classic ripe destinations of our country and turning it into a fashionable tourism destination for everyone: Ready for this 2014 summer?

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