Top holiday destinations that will be big in 2015

The end of 2014 summer season is not anything else than the opening of 2015 holiday.  The tourist diving force of our country is getting ready for one year more of massive visits to the coasts and the unstoppable growing of the specialized tourism in sports, cultural events and gastronomy.

The Canary Islands, Majorca, Andalusia and even Galicia, Cantabria and the Basque Country are the vertexes of the polyhedron that turns Spain into a world power for enjoying the summer… And, step by step, it is less and less seasonal.   The fetish destinations are still the traditional ones: the islands, the Mediterranean and the Andalusian coast.   Nevertheless, new cities are standing out. This is the case of Salamanca, spring and autumn destination; Bilbao and Cantabria coast; Galicia and the north of Portugal: Toledo, Madrid, Ávila… And, of course, Barcelona and the entire Catalan coast.

The hotels in Tenerife, the big accommodations in Jandia beach, the apartments and bungalows in Playa Blanca or even the classic aparthotels in Benidorm know that 2015 will be a key year for the future.   Hotels are still investing on refurbishing common areas, rooms and renewing the gastronomic offer, although there are many hotel companies wanting to go beyond and integrate resorts and destinations by creating entire complexes where the visitor can enjoy the holiday destination and personalised services.

The first company that tried something like this was Fiesta Hotels and its Ushuaïa model, turning the hotel into an additional attraction of the destination. Melià is intending to do the same with its Sol Wave House and its Calvià Beach Resort. Fergus Hotels with its hotel complex for young people in Magaluf and its boutique hotels in Santa Ponsa.

But if we go out of the islands, we can see how the cities become the centre of attention as main destinations for the first months of 2015: hotels in the centre of Madrid and big accommodations in Barcelona are working hard for offering the best services the next year, since it promises to be very interesting especially for hotels specialized in gastronomy, sports and culture.

Good examples are the hotels next to La Boquería Market in Barcelona or the hotels in Plaza Mayor in Madrid: both offer a perfect symbiosis with the destination, taking advantage of design spaces artistically related to every capital and very close to some of most select leisure and gastronomic options.

Madrid, as tourist destination, is behind Barcelona, but is increasingly winning its battles.   The city centre improvements, with more pedestrian areas, best public transport connections and very complete leisure plans at good price, have significantly increased the bookings of hotels in the centre of Madrid. Travellers, both residents and foreigners want to stay in the heart of the capital, since it has turned into an experience not to be missed.   Now, booking a room in La Gran Via is not an impossible dream anymore, thanks to the competition between 3-4 star accommodations in Madrid, democratizing more and more the hotel offer in this city.

Barcelona is still the more expensive city.  The prices of the hotels in the centre of Barcelona are significantly higher than in Madrid due to the strength of this city as international tourism destination. The most recommended is to choose a 4 star hotel  in Las Ramblas, Ciutat Vella, Plaça de Catalunya or to opt for one of those exclusive hotels next to Plaça de les Glòries, in Poble Nou, Barcelona.

The attraction of Barcelona is, however, undeniable.  Although the cultural and tourism plans are still based on the same pillars, its changes as well as its fame of capital of design keep it as top must visit destination and even as a favourite city for long stays.

Foreigners, especially those who come from the United States and Asia, usually prefer to book an accommodation during several months. Some people travel for a few days, others take advantage of a leave of absence or of the end of school year, to spend some months travelling around Europe. In these cases, the good weather and the guaranties that a city like Barcelona gives you, turns it into one of the favourite ones for camping, among other Italian cities such as Rome, Florence and Milan.

Away from the big capitals but keeping the urban spirit, Bilbao is an unavoidable destination for  2015. Its artistic, gastronomic and industrial dynamism make of this Basque city a destination you must visit again. Or, at least, a place you must visit before you day. In addition to Guggenheim plans, there are new galleries, local crafts centres and, of course, authentic temples of the Basque cuisine. If you want to enjoy the magic of this city, the best option is to book a hotel in the centre of Bilbao, next to the matchless old quarter. Although if you want a more relaxing holiday, you can always opt for booking a room in Guetxo.  Ereaga beach is, for example, a real paradise for gourmets looking for peace and delicious food.