The “tasquita” in Seville, a way of living

Seville is an extraordinary city inhabited by the Sevillians: one of a kind, funny and lively people.  

The city of Seville is a delicacy for tourists, who can visit its tourist attractions with calmness, good weather and a really unique atmosphere. 

Seville offers the traveller different plans: shopping in centenary shops, promenades around the Plaza de España square, culture in the Real Alcazar and, of course, the tasquitas. 

The tasquita (also known as pub or bar) in Seville is the social centre of the city, an institution where everybody is more than welcomed. Chatting, in the tasquita. Savouring tapas, in the tasquita. After work, the tasquita. 

The tasquitas are places where the Sevillians tell their family and friends their grievances and illusions and where, above all, partying is the essence, the Sevillian party all travellers should experience.

Seville is full of memorable pubs. The best bars in the city can be found in the Triana and Macarena neighbourhoods, although the entire Seville is an invitation to party and savour the best cuisine.

Some of the renowned places are Sol y Sombra (lamb sirloin), Cibeles II (sirloin al hermano -hot baguette filled with pork sirloin, caramelised onion and a special sauce- and serranito trianero -hot baguette filled with green pepper, cured ham and a breaded pork fillet), La Eslava  (salmorejo -Andalusian vegetables soup- and honey ribs), Las Golondrinas (cot with vegetables and European squids), Casablanca (seafood and fried fish), El Tremendo brewery (specialised in beers), Blanca Paloma (lemon rock cod and sirloin with sherry), El Rinconcito (rices and spinach with chickpeas), Antonio Romero Bar (pringás and filled hot baguettes), Casa Trifón (chacinas -cured meat-)…

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Enjoy Seville and a unique way of living!

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