The perfect anniversary gift: a Cancun vacation

40 years of marriage, now that needs to be celebrated!


I’m not even 40 years old, so the thought of 40 years of anything is foreign to me. However, my parents will be coming up on their 40th wedding anniversary this fall, and an amazing gift is in store. But what exactly? After rattling my brain of typical anniversary gifts, I finally landed on a once in a lifetime trip to one of their favorite countries: Mexico! But where in Mexico?


After some research, I landed on Cancun as the perfect destination due to its beauty, accessibility by plane and myriad of day trips to nearby heritage sites. But is Cancun safe? After recent headlines depicting both Mexico and Cancun as wargrounds for drug cartels, I had my doubts. However, I did my research and found that Cancun is not only safe, but a thriving tourist destination for Americans!

how safe is it to travel to cancun

While I have never actually been to Cancun (and neither have my parents), I was able to get great insight into what the current situation is like in the area from travel expert Mark Murphy and his TravelPulse video on Cancun and the Rivera Maya. He holds nothing back when exploring the true nature of the situation, what authorities are saying, what tourists themselves are saying and his own personal opinions.


After further researching the situation, reading countless forums and talking with some of my own friends who recently traveled to Cancun, I am happy to announce that my parents will be going to Cancun for a special anniversary vacation! While there is crime in the region, it happens well outside the Zona Hotelera and central tourism district of Cancun. Crime is almost exclusively between cartel members as well, and unless you venture off into the outskirts of the city you will be just as safe as you would be in your hometown. The American government has also issued a mere Level 2 travel advisory, which is also the same advisory for countries like Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. I concluded that if one uses common sense, just as they would in their hometown, there is no reason to worry when traveling to Cancun.


Have a wonderful trip Mom and Dad, you deserve it!