The Montaña Roja volcano in Lanzarote

The Montaña Roja Volcano, in the Playa Blanca coast in Lanzarote, is one of the most famous and recognised of the island, situated by the seashore, next to the Pechiguera Lighthouse, forms a small cape with views to the Charco de las Cancelas. Located in the less built-up area of Playa Blanca, its centre is the volcano -up to 196 metres high- around which the hillsides fall to meet with the Atlantic Ocean and give rise to one of the most exclusives areas in the south of Lanzarote.

With a quiet and natural atmosphere, it is an exceptional place to contemplate the beautiful sunsets from the coast, that is why, many hotels, apartments and villas in the area of Playa Blanca, offer a design exclusively focused on the sea and relax.

But, besides the holiday refuge in Lanzarote, Montaña Roja is one of the favourite volcano routes in the island. Climbing up to the volcano routes is relatively easy, views are amazing and there are not restrictions that you usually find in the hiking routes of the Timanfaya National Park, where excursions and visit are highly controlled.

Villas Coral Deluxe

Villas Coral Deluxe

The route of the Montaña Roja volcano, in Punta Pechiguera, starts in Playa Dorada and allows you to climb up to the volcanic crater, an impressive 54 yards deep hole. Although the hillsides are quite built-up in many areas, it still preserves a very particular beauty and that reddish appearance that gave its name can be perfectly appreciated in every picture of the volcano.

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