The luxury, a new holiday experience within your reach

The luxury trips, historically reserved for the high class and for select travellers, have become so popular in recent years that there are more and more travellers who decide to pamper themselves, book a 5-star hotel and enjoy a highstanding trip.

However, we must differentiate between the most democratic luxury (a strange but real concept) and the exclusive luxury, reserved for travellers with an incredibly high income.  We make this distinction because society has changedthe most traditional concept of luxury reserved to just a few lucky ones in the past.

Although it might seem strange considering the crisis we are living right now, people prefer to travel less time, to closer and safer destinations and to invest in high quality hotels which offer new experiences with an added value. Partly, loyalty is lost this way, a concept bound to the luxury sector, in which everything is personalised and the personalised attention and excellency are rewarded with visits years after year by the same clients.

The exclusive attention is kept, but of those middle-class guests who decide to make an effort to enjoy a luxury accommodation, just a few can repeat year after year. Loyalty is lost, but profits rise.

 IBEROSTAR Grand Portals Nous Hotel

IBEROSTAR Grand Portals Nous Hotel

The large hotel chains, those which have an investingoption, are aware of this change in the way of travelling and have bet for this concept, adapting their 4-star accommodations and their luxury hotels toall typeof travellers. An example of this adaptation can be seen at the new hotel in Mallorca inaugurated by IBEROSTAR Hotels and Resorts, where the design d’auteur, the gourmet cuisine and the privileged location make a perfect combination for those travellers looking for a hotel of authentic luxury, beyond the 5star.

Another example of this change of tendency arethe 4 and 5-star Vincci Hotels, among which we highlight the large golf and wellness resorts and the small and select boutique hotels in the main Spanish cities:



The 4-star hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia are a special case: these urban hotels offer experiences and spaces of added value, even more exclusive than those offered by some 5-star hotels in Majorca or in other sun & beach destinations. Competence in the cities is different to competence in destinations of idyllic beaches.

The urban concept has always had its limits: all the hotels compete for the best location (closer or further to the city centre, closer or further to the tourist attractions), have little space in their facilities (being in the city centre prevents extensions) and have limited services due to their location (parking, views…). Because of this, these types of hotels have to make an effort to offer addedvalues: interior design, areas for ad hoc experiences, leisure plans, discounts for the museums, art galleries, famous restaurants or exclusive shops…

The main aim is to convince the user beyond the destination and the hotel’s location, with exclusive services, with an exquisite personal attention, with modern details and state-of-the-art technology bound to relax and rest.

In this category of hotels we find original accommodations such as the Petit Palace Barcelona Museum and business hotels such as the Catalonia Ramblas or the Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, which combines a bit of everything: leisure, relax, work and events.