The hotel’s added value

How to stand out in tourism? How to excel in a trade where everything seems to be invented and reinvented?  Yes, it is complicated. It is really complicated especially if you don’t have a good investment. We are not only talking about material goods, but also about an investment in people that know how to develop a new concept of service and tourism product, and people to manage it in the right way.

If we focus on accommodation, which is the topic of this blog, we must talk about how to create added value for a hotel, how to turn it into an attraction that travellers have to include when they visit the destination. An excellent example of this is the concept conceived by Fiesta Group, with its emblematic Ushuaia Hotel in Ibiza, which has been a model for many other hotels, but will always be the first one and, besides, has kept its position because of its good marketing strategy, it incessant quantity of investments and ideas that have turned it into one of the most famous hotels in the world in just a few years.

It is not easy to achieve this level of success, but it is possible. Maybe not in such a high level, but you can make your modest hotel into a fashionable one. First you have to know which the target public is, analyse it and focus on it. Nowadays, in tourism –as in other trades- those who are not specialized, die. So you have to study the public, choose and know when to give up.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

BEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salomé

Choosing the public will mark all the following strategy, since it will give the idea on which the new element will be based, the new added value of the hotel. In this point, we find the wise choice of the big Spanish hotel chains, both in the country and in the Caribbean, as in other places of the world where they manage hotels: opting for making their services more diverse and characterised according to the public and motivations. Adults Only hotels in Costa Adeje, spa hotels in Tenerife, accommodations for couples, hotels designed for children, family resorts in destinations with low competition… They all are the result of an strategy designed with coherence, where key elements have been distributed among all these types of hotels in order to not give up any type of public and, at the same time, to offer to each one a more personalised trip plan.

It is truth that when it comes to a medium or small hotel chain or, even, to an only hotel, capacity is limited: Should I give up part of possible customers?  Sometimes you have to. Now, you must think about it: you need to do a market study, to analyse customers, additional services offered by the destination, determine which traveller profile can be more profitable, etc.

For example, Adults Only hotels or hotels for couples are usually a good option in urban areas or quiet beach destinations. A good example is the Grand Salomé, a hotel with Adult Only suites in Costa Adeje which is in fact the result of using a part of an All-inclusive family resort as an exclusive luxury area for couples and small groups of friends that want to enjoy their free time without being surrounded by children or interfered by other people bother.

Those who use to book Adults Only Hotels know that rates are a bit higher but they are prepared to pay them because the accommodation is offering a benefit: the possibility of relaxing without hearing the noise of children running or crying around the hotel.  Additionally, a good range of specialized services for Adults holidays, such as chill out bars, quality restaurants with original gastronomy proposals, activities targeted at people older than 16 years old, such as a diving day in the Atlantic Sea, a White Party, DJ sessions at sunset…

Turning a hotel for everyone into a hotel for couples with children could be a convenient option if the resort is located in a destination where both parents and children can find something attractive. For example, hotels in the Coast of Barcelona and beach resorts in Costa Brava (Lloret, Salou…) have a point in favour in this sense: they are located close to Port Aventura, one of the most popular theme parks in Spain. These hotels have a very precise visitor profile. Choosing a hotel for young people or booking a hotel area for groups of friends such as apartments for camping will allow you to save money and avoid bother from other guests.

Hotels in Lloret de Mar

Hotels in Lloret de Mar

You can have hundreds of ideas, but you need to organise them according to your reality and possibilities you have. Converting a hotel is not about joining a trend: your hotel do not need a spa if most of their guests want to spend their time outside the hotel. Nevertheless, it will work if your accommodation is located in a destination with changeable weather, if it is open in low season and the spa do not have to compete with beach, or if it is located in a place where couples and adults want to enjoy these types of services.

Likewise, you should think of an added value not only for people from other regions or countries, but also for locals that want to enjoy your hotel’s services and share their experiences turning your hotel into a place of reference in the destination: a must visit local meeting point, staying there or not. Besides the advantage of not depending on seasonal factors, it offers one of the most powerful marketing strategies: the unbeatable word of mouth.