The hidden treasures of the neighbourhood La Latina

Land of traditions, history and legends that have lasted throughout the centuries; Madrid really is a place that owns its personality to its neighbourhoods. Authentic and unique corners that boast real, unique history or their own customs and hidden treasures that need discovering as they are not always obvious.

One of the neighbourhoods where this kind of magic always makes its presence known is the La Latina neighbourhood, a place where you can discover “the other Madrid” and where we take you on a tour during June to show you all the things you mustn’t miss next time you visit.

A very 19th-century neighbourhood

The historical events of the 19th century (which, as you know, were many and varied) marked the course of the La Latina neighbourhood like no other. In fact, it was during this historical time most of its squares, buildings, churches and bars were built.

Make a lot of stops along the way to enjoy the many wooden doors with latches, the windows with bars of wrought iron and the small squares; this can truly be a very rewarding experience, and you can be sure to encounter many photographic moments.

Discovering Las Cavas

Las Cavas are two essentials for every visit made to the neighbourhood La Latina. These two parallel streets are not only two of the best meeting points for lovers of good cuisine in the area, but also streets that can boast a history that dates back to the 17th century.

During that century Las Cavas was the place where the country’s first inns were located, in the form of lodges and taverns where you could eat and sleep for a few hours.

Where to stay in the centre of Madrid?

Of the many myths that abound in Madrid (especially with regards to the traveller who has opted for this destination), one of the most wide-spread one claims that “hotels in the centre of the capital are expensive”.

Apart from being a statement that has little or nothing to do with reality, the truth is that in Madrid there are many hotel establishments that have their base of operations right in the centre of the city. Some of the most prominent based on location and value for money? Our favourites are Petit Palace Alcalá, Petit Palace Art Gallery and Petit Palace Arturo Soria.