A walk through the gardens of Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Visiting the gardens of Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most recommended activities for a romantic getaway to Tenerife. The most famous of all, is the Botanical Garden of the city , originally known as “Acclimatisation Garden of La Orotava” and features 4,000 different plant species , where its large collection of palm trees and colourful tropical plants stand out.

Founded around 1790, it offers a journey full of scents and astonishing sceneries, of magical trees with infinite roots that climb towards the sky. It is a unique landscape, perfectly integrated in this area of Tenerife, the beautiful valley of Orotava, where the vegetation is dense and tropical and the fauna is more varied.

Visits to the garden can be made from 9am to 6pm, every day of the year except for the 25th of December, the 1st January and Good Friday. Also, it has a library and a herbarium dedicated to scientific research, where the more curious and interested may visit and learn about the cultivation of tropical plants in these lands.

Sol Parque San Antonio

Sol Parque San Antonio

The garden is situated in the city centre, in Retama Street , so it is possible to visit the garden after a short walk from the hotel or by city bus, if one is staying at a hotel in Puerto de la Cruz.

Another garden located by this coastal city of Tenerife are the gardens of Taoro Park, a place designed to transmit peace, well-being and tranquility to all who venture though its paths. The garden covers an area of 100,000 square metres, next to the most famous Casino of Puerto de la Cruz, and is considered as the green lung of the city.

Taoro Gardens are just 2 km from the old part of town of Puerto de la Cruz and the Martiánez Lakes, on the avenue with the same name and with beautiful views to the whole city. Many are those that consider this garden as the great balcony overlooking Puerto de la Cruz, a space where to disconnect from city life, steps away from everything.

Very close to this large garden, you can find one of the most complete hotels for couples in Puerto de la Cruz. At an excellent price, you can enjoy a double room with views to Mount Teide and the Gardens of Taoro.

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