As a couple, on your own, or with friends – an important question when travelling

Although it may seem that the first firm step towards shaping our long-awaited Easter holidays might be to speak to ‘the boss’ to let them know about our future temporary absence, the fact is that the crucial step comes when it’s time to ask yourself the following question: How do I want to travel… as a couple, on my own, or with friends?

Even if travelling alone is an experience that more and more people opt for, there are travellers who feel that nothing compares to a couple of relaxing days with friends. Then, of course, there are the lovebirds who always want to go on holiday as a couple.

But what happens if we reach that point where we can’t decide what option we want to go for? At Trips & Hotels we have selected 3 Spanish destinations for each of these ways of travelling. We don’t expect to have the final say on the subject (since everyone has to make the decision themselves), but we would like to at least help those who are undecided.

A trip to Madrid with friends

Famous throughout the world, the capital of Spain is one of those destinations that always works no matter how you choose to travel, and (of course) with all the various kinds of travellers we are familiar with.

Madrid is a city to visit with friends and what better way to start a conversation than enjoying one of the many musicals or plays on offer? What could be better than having a good time eating a wedge of potato omelette, drinking craft beer?

Given that the city is quite large and the goal is to take advantage of the capital to the max, the best solution is to go for a central accommodation option – such as the hotel Gran Via Madrid – helping you to be mere steps from such highly-recommended places as Puerta del Sol, the Retiro Park, Gran Vía and the Plaza Mayor.

Destination? Tenerife as a couple

At Trips & Hotels we are very much fans of the Atlantic breeze. It’s charming, different, refreshing and highly romantic (yes, even more so than the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean). With waves of intense blue and intense passion, it couldn’t be a more obvious choice: for a couple’s getaway there’s nothing better than opting for the island Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands.

Choose a hotel in southern Tenerife to enjoy your Easter holidays with your partner, to choose relaxation but also that Canarian magic: evenings filled with the scent of the sea and a charming culture that makes us fall in love (at least that’s what it does to us).

A singular destination on the island of Ibiza

If there is one destination in Spain that’s perfect for those who prefer to travel on their own, it’s definitely the island of Ibiza.

A hippie spirit and a mindset that’s completely open appeals to all travellers who dare to travel around the world in the company of their backpack, the white island hides treasure that will make the single traveller feel right at home. The best? Choose a hotel in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza and create your own routes throughout the entire island.

Canary Islands, endless summer land: Tenerife

The Canary Islands are an endless summer land, a place where life is spring-like. With beaches, terraces, sun, outdoor recreation, astonishing nature, art, culture and tradition. The perfect combination for happiness in the perfect dose, something that will take you to a relaxation dimension with a unique inner peace.

A historical destination for sun and beach tourism, the archipelago has known how to preserve its soul. Its essence. Despite some of the areas have been literary taken by large travel companies, there’s still some towns, regions and entire islands that still preserve their natural, authentic image. This detail is what really makes you want to come back, over and over.

Traveling to the Canary Islands implies to organize and make a plan with time. Each island is a completely different from the other, each destination offers you a whole new experience that you will choose depending on how would you like to spend your relaxation days.

Tenerife, the great capital

Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Although it shares the title with Gran Canaria, Tenerife is the most crowded, visited and famous of all the other islands. Hotel areas like Costa Adeje, where you can find some of the best resorts in Tenerife, aside from small traditional villages that give a special atmosphere to this areas. The volcanic landscape, with the Teide volcano always behind, plus the most spectacular beaches covered with the Atlantic sea. Thanks to all these, it makes it the perfect destination for athletes, or those who like to have fun, with their family, or friends or couple, the slogan could be something like: Everything for everyone.

The big city of Santa Cruz, is a beloved place where you can find all you need, but without losing that authentic touch of the small villages in Tenerife. Santa Cruz still has this calm essence and a life pace completely different from the rest of the cities, even from the touristic similar ones. The life pace is slow, everything is said with a smile and a sweet sound that complement the sway local accent. Museums, concert halls and theatres located in different corners of the city, create cultural routes for everyone. The sea, as always, fit in the architecture and appearance of the city, and offer you incredible beaches outside, like the Teresitas beach that despite being an urban beach, it has clear water to dive in and it’s not very crowded.

Towns inside Tenerife offer excellent hiking routes, delicious gastronomy, native wines, monuments and local heritage that will give you the opportunity to have a trip full of new experiences, for all kind of tastes.

The coast growth is usually defined by the touristic development. The most exploited is in the south area, Costa Adeje, a place where a high quality tourism is gathered, with the most exclusive hotels and perfect service. Gastronomy, fun, and the best beaches are at the traveller disposal, to enjoy its environment, the comfort and the placid ambient. Always quiet and safe.

Accommodations suggested in Tenerife:

5 estrellas

Grand Hotel Mencey (Santa Cruz in Tenerife)

Grand Hotel El Mirador (Costa Adeje – adults only)

Grand Hotel Salomé (Costa Adeje – part of a large complex all-inclusive)


4 estrellas

Olé Tropical Tenerife (Playa de Troya – Costa Adeje – Family destination)

Bouganville Playa (Costa Adeje)

Sol Parque San Antonio (Las Arenas)