Tips for sheltering from the summer heat

Ready for your holiday in Mallorca? The island of relaxation is a destination full of charm that will amaze you. Not only will you be amazed by its incredible beaches and its breathtaking landscapes but also for its delicious gastronomy and the fun village parties. Although summer is one of the best seasons for many to visit the island, the truth is that it is also one of the hottest times. The sun and high temperatures combine and if you are not prepared for it, it can affect your health. Here at Sol Hotels we want you to enjoy your summer in Mallorca to the fullest. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips in order to take shelter from the heat during your trip to the island.

Drink a lot of water

Don’t wait to be thirsty. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water daily (approximately two litres) to stay hydrated in high temperatures throughout the day. It is important to drink a sufficient amount of water, since in the summer it is easier to dehydrate and suffer heat stroke. In addition, it is also advisable to consume isotonic drinks to recover the mineral salts that we lose with sweat.

Sun protection

To avoid serious skin burns. If you have not been exposed to the sun for a long time and you are going to visit the beaches of Mallorca, you will need to have a minimum protection of 30. Be careful if you sunbathe in the peak hours of the day, since it is the time in which the sun is at its strongest and there is a greater risk of burns and heat stroke.

Fruits and vegetables

Consume them daily and avoid big meals. If you consume light foods, it will facilitate digestion and mitigate the effects of heat. A very healthy option that, in addition to helping us to escape the high temperatures, is very beneficial for our body.

Avoid doing sports in the middle of the day

Between 12 noon and 6 o’clock in the afternoon. If you do intense physical activity when the sun is at its strongest, there is a risk that you will suffer from sunstroke, so it is recommended to do outdoor sports at sunset.

Keep refreshed

For example, take a dip in the pool at one of our hotels in Calvià, Sol Beach House and Sol Kathmandu Park, while you enjoy a relaxing holiday with the family, your partner and friends.

Enjoy an unforgettable summer in Mallorca and explore every corner of the island. Remember to protect yourself from the sun!

Which are the best sunsets in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a destination full of incredible landscapes, mountains, beaches, cliffs and magical villages and with the arrival of spring and the beginning of good weather you can lose yourself in the island’s beautiful colours that leave their mark on your soul like the stunning sunsets that can be seen from almost anywhere in Mallorca. And if you want to know which are the best, here In Sol Hotels we have made this list to include the 7 sunsets that you can’t miss during your holidays in Mallorca. You will love them!

This is a classic if ever there was one. Enjoy the sunset in a beautiful seaside setting with music and the relaxing atmosphere of one of the most famous beach bars ‘chiringuitos’ in Mallorca. This unique spot can be found just at the entrance to the picturesque village of Deia and it’s a viewpoint that typifies the beauty of Mallorca.


This is a Majorcan gem. After spending a full day on one of the beautiful beaches of Ses Covetes and Es Trenc. Why not experience an incredible sunset, in this ‘chiringuito’ (beach bar), which shows and concerts practically every day of the week throughout the summer.

Sa Creueta Viewpoint

Situated in the Cabo de Formentor, on clear days from this viewpoint you can see the island of Menorca. This beautiful natural setting can be reached by car or by taking a short trip from the Port of Pollença.

Sa Torre de Llucmajor

This is a beautiful natural “balcony” from where you can see not only the sunset but also the imposing cliffs and the Bay of Palma.

Port d’Andratx

One of the most exclusive villages in Mallorca, Port d’Andratx combines the beauty of the start of the Sierra de Tramuntana with the Mediterranean. You can enjoy the sunset from its beautiful promenade or from one of its terraces on the seafront.

Sa Calobra

This is a magical place that is an absolute ’must see’ during your trip to Mallorca. Sa Calobra beach, snuggled in a fascinating mountain setting, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and its viewpoint is the perfect way to finish off a relaxing day.

Ses Puntes Viewpoint

To make a small excursion through the Valldemossa area. This hour-long trip through the Valldemossa area, leads to one of the most magical viewpoints in Mallorca from which you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Fall in love with the picture postcard beauty of Mallorca and stay at the exclusive Sol House, in Calvià and Sol Beach House in the beautiful spot of Cala Blanca. Book now on the Sol Hotels’ official website and benefit from exclusive prices.


Mallorca, a destination for hikers

Do you know that best thing about the winter months is that they are an excellent opportunity to get to know the island’s incredible natural environment? At Sol Hotels, not only  do we love the wonderful Mallorcan beaches, but we are also passionate about its green trails and the magic of its mountains.

For some years, Mallorca has been a perfect destination for hikers due to the large number of hiking and cycling routes that you can experience across the island. Winter and spring are seasons in which a large number of hikers from around the world get together, all eager to get to know the great beauty of Mallorca’s landscape. Are you ready to discover the very different side of Mallorca?

A walk through the Tramuntana

The impressive Sierra de Tramuntana hides beautiful roads and routes that are worth getting to know during your holidays in Mallorca. These are some of the most popular:

  •       Barranco de Biniaraix: probably one of the most typical trips to do near the picturesque town of Sóller. Of medium difficulty, this excursion consists of climbing a ravine via a paved road with approximately 2,000 steps.
  •       Puig de l’Ofre: A ‘must do’ for those who love to complete different routes. The “mysterious volcano of Mallorca” hides legends that you can get to know during the route of great natural beauty, to the ascent of this 1,090 metre high mountain.
  •       Massanella. The second highest mountain in Mallorca, and one of the most beautiful  excursions on the island. This 1,364 metre high peak is situated near the traditional town of Lluc.
  •       La Trapa is ideal to do with children. You will enjoy the incredible views of the island of Dragonera and discover the old monastery of La Trapa which is a ‘must do’ stop.
  •      Torrent de Pareis. One of the most famous trips on the island. It follows the route of a fast flowing stream that descends to the beautiful beach of Sa Calobra, one of Mallorca’s gems.
  •      The Tower of Cala en Basset. A very accessible route that circulates around Andratx, and one of the few that is not part of the Tramuntana. This excursion leads to the Tower of Cala en Basset, an old defense tower with special views and legendary tales of pirates and buccaneers.

Get to know the incredible natural paradise of Mallorca and book your early holidays at Sol Hotels. Have a great time at the Sol Kathmandu Park, relax and pamper yourself at our exclusive Sol House and enjoy partying Mallorcan-style at the vibrant Sol Beach House. Explore Mallorca your way!

Welcome 2018!

This year is yours. This year you will not miss the opportunity. You are clear that this year you will enjoy yourself like never before! Life is made up of good moments and unforgettable experiences, and you will enjoy them to the fullest! With the passing of a wonderful Christmas it gives way to a new year that must include the magic of a beautiful sunset on a paradisiacal beach. It’s time to fill yourself with good intentions and add new challenges to your list of dreams. Get ready for 2018!

From Sol Hotels we wish you a very happy start to the year. We want you to achieve all the goals you have set and enjoy a year full of great experiences and unforgettable moments. We are convinced that this new year will be the beginning of a magical season of prosperity and happiness for the ones we love.

We continue working to offer you the perfect holiday. Those that end with a broad smile and a mojito. Those that leave unforgettable memories in your mind. We want you to enjoy a 2018 full of surprises and magical experiences with your loved ones. Our aim is to offer you the luxury stay you deserve while enjoying exclusive rest and relaxation in our facilities. We know that happiness lies in the smallest of details.

Ready to have a great time? We want you to spend your holiday exactly how you want, that’s why we are happy to adapt to your needs. Whether you choose to travel with your family, your partner or with a group of friends, choose the experience that best suits your style of travel and start planning your dream holiday today.

Speed down the huge slides and enjoy complete family fun at the Sol Katmadú Park resort theme park. On the other hand you can destress and enjoy exclusive services at our and resorts, located just a few metres from the beach.

At Sol Resorts we know that unforgettable moments begin with the warmth and company of our loved ones. We want this year to be full of magical experiences and we want you to enjoy the dream holiday you deserve like never before. Because happiness is all about being exactly where you want at all times. Because this year is ours. Welcome 2018!


Planning an extravagant 2018 in Majorca

Holidays, the sun, beach, different places, non-stop heat, laughter, parties and relaxing sunsets in the best company, plus the best options to refresh and enjoy a luxury holiday in Majorca… In 2018 you’ll have everything you need to create unforgettable memories!

At Sol Hotels we are saying farewell until March 2018, when you should expect a number of surprises. We really appreciate having been the top choice for guests who chose to spend their relaxing stay at our hotels for another consecutive year. We are also very pleased to have met new customers whom we cannot wait to see again on their next holiday to this remarkable “Island of Calm”.

Although our doors are now shut, we are going to continue working towards offering you the best personalised service in all the services we provide. We are going to continue improving all our facilities to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience in all of our hotels. These range from fun action-packed days at the themed Sol Katmandu Park resort, to complete relaxation and exclusive treatment at our Sol House in the centre of Magaluf and Sol Beach House on the seafront of Cala Blanca in Palmanova. All this and much more awaits you!

Every hotel offers a different experience suited to the type of holiday our customer seeks. Whether this means family escapes, friends trips or romantic getaways, we guarantee you an exclusive holiday in Majorca with all the services you deserve. It is exactly this which drives us in our search to offer you the best services.

For this reason, we cannot close the door to 2017 without thanking all our team for their impeccable work over the season. Thanks to the relentless efforts of our team, we have advanced towards becoming a leading hotel in Majorca for fun and relaxing stays with high-quality services.

We would of course also like to thank our customers, new and old, for putting their trust in all the services we provide. Thanks to all our guests, we are able to grow on a daily basis and continue improving with every passing year. We will miss you!

With 2018 comes an endless number of surprises. Discover all of Majorca with your loved ones and enjoy your stay with all the services we offer. Happiness begins with a great holiday.

The best beach bars and beach clubs of the Costa de Calviá

According to real estate experts, few places in the world are as exclusive as the Mallorcan town of Calvia and especially its coast. Visited by thousands of mega yachts (which moor at impressive ports such as Portals and Port Adriano) and where the largest fortunes in the world reside. The coast of Calviá is also the base for some of the most beautiful beach bars and special, exclusive clubs on the island of Mallorca.

Decorated in light tones, in a rustic style and with sand from the beach underfoot, visiting these bars before sunset is a perfect idea for dreamers, romantics and solitary nature lovers. Where can you find the most beautiful? Today, we give you five names:

Il Chiringo of Palmanova

Palmanova’s “Playa Grande” is one of the first bars that came into being on the island of Mallorca. Il Chiringo is a place to feel at home, a beach bar resting on the sandy beach where you can eat paella with orange or drink really elaborate daiquiris. What’s best? Night-time when the place is filled with torches.

El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito

The Costa de la Calma beach bar

Taking its name from the area that houses it, the beach bar Costa de la Calma is one of the most beautiful and special on the island. Located on the rocks and with a breath-taking sunset, this place is the meeting point for the locals just as it is for those who’ve chosen it as a retreat.

Perseverantia Beach Club

Newly created in the Bay of Santa Ponsa (one of the most beautiful on the coast of Calviá) and with a high-class gourmet menu, the Perseverantia Beach Club is one of those places to fall in love with the island, its sea breeze and its people. Perfect for a romantic dinner or to meet friends, the place is open until the early hours of dawn.

Mood Beach

With its white slide, indoor pool and an amazing view of the beach cove of Costa d’En Blanes, the Mood Beach is one of the most exclusive beach clubs on the coast of Calviá. Sounds too good to be true?  Take a chance on seeing the place with a snack and a glass of champagne.

Campino, Es Carregador (Palmanova)

Halfway between a beach club and a beach bar, the Campino is the perfect blend of all the best that the Costa de Calvia has to offer. Located on the beach of Es Carregador (known as “la playa pequena” or small beach of Palmanova”), the place is perfect to go with family, friends or as a couple. It has a full menu of exquisite dishes, delicious desserts and a very desirable cocktail menu.

Hotels in Calvia for both big and small

Traveling as a couple, with friends or family; in the Calvia area there are hotels that cater perfectly for whatever we need and look for in our holidays. One of those chains that can boast of doing particularly well in the area is the Sol Hotels chain; a hotel chain that comprises the amazing Sol Katmandu Park Resort (designed for families) and Sol Beach House for those who prefer a vacation with friends.

Tips to enjoy the youthful Majorca

Majorca is never out of trend. Millions of visitors travel to Majorca every year, mostly in July and August. The biggest island of the Balearic Islands is one of the places with highest tourism development and best traveller services. Majorca offers you many alternatives for all tastes.

Travelling to Majorca in Holy Week is really common: sun, beach, relax, gourmet gastronomy, culture, wellness, adventure sports, nature, kids activities and amazing parties with friends.

Enjoy the island in Palmanova

Majorca is easy to explore, as in less than 100 kms you can enjoy the sea, the beaches and impressive mountains. Many tourists from around the world come to the island, but some areas are more popular for a particular type of tourists. For example, Calvia Coast and specially Palmanova and Magaluf are the favourite holiday destinations for British tourists, whether they are travelling with friends -white week breaks, bachelor parties, special celebrations and summer breaks- or family – some of them return every year-, whose needs are always met in the island.

hotels in Majorca

hotels in Majorca

In this western side of Majorca, beaches are the main attractions, where you can enjoy amazing sunsets over the bay and the calm of the Mediterranean sea. Its location close to the centre of Palma (within 20 minutes by car) and its high quality hotel, restaurant and leisure services make it one of the best holiday places in the island. There are many golf courses nearby, as well as trendy bars, beach clubs, water parks, aquariums…

Among its main sights, the beach is one of the most popular places in Palmanova. Within a few steps from this beautiful beach we find one of the most modern and innovative hotel resorts in Majorca: Sol Beach Calvia hotel, an exclusive design accommodation, especially designed for relax and entertainment.

Only Adults and entertaining

Sol Beach House is an Only Adult hotel which offers a complete activities programme and exclusive facilities for assure you the best entertainment, relax and leisure. If you stay at this hotel, you will have direct access to the paradisiac beach of Palmanova, as well as to the many nightclubs, typical restaurants, souvenir shops, craft establishments and places to spend time with friends and your beloved.

This Only Adult hotel stands out for its outdoor pool and its international gourmet cuisine.

Everything you want at the Lounge Bar

Only Adult Sol Hotels are just amazing. Sol Beach House has its own Lounge Bar, a space with great music in front of Palmanova beach, offering the best cocktails in the island. It’s the perfect place for a nice talk with your friends, where to spend a pleasant moment while having some mojitos and dancing to the beat.

Fun hotels in Spain?

They are a real option. And they are becoming more and more valued amongst travellers. Fun hotels, most of them designed for children, for youngsters and groups of friends, are beach hotels located in famous destinations that normally offer direct access to the beach and important tourist attractions.

They are a real option. There is such a wide variety of fun hotels available that you can even find some of them with private theme parks in the resort, such as the Sol Katmandú Park in Magaluf or the Picapiedra Hotels, of the same hotel chain and located in almost any first class tourist destination: Majorca, Minorca, Canarias… These last ones have been operating for years and they stirred up the traditional concept of hotel for families, incorporating special services for children and activities devoted to children’s entertainment and parents’ relax.

Hotels with friends in Spain

Hotels with friends in Spain

Apart from Sol Hotels, the portfolio of fun hotels for children and friends has grown with new incorporations, such as the Olé Hotels; some Petit Palace urban hotels, which have bet for family rooms in Madrid and Barcelona with bunk beds, Internet and video games; hotels in Majorca, such as the THE FERGUS Resort and some hotels of the chain Garden Hotels.

The concept of fun hotel varies, of course, depending on the public to which it is addressed. Thus, the family hotels that have entertainment as a hallmark try to combine the calmness adults need with the energy of children. In the case of hotels for youngsters, the idea is clear: services related to partying, to the beach, to DJ sessions, live music, cocktails and restaurants open 24 hours and offering brunches at any time of the day.

In this second group, we can include some of the hotels for friends, although we find a category with the same functions but not so bound to partying and music. We are talking about the Adults Only hotels, which offer activities for couples and for those who, travelling as a group, want to enjoy the destination, the sports, the experiences and even knowing new people in the hotel.

Another way to say “holidays”

There is another way of saying and live your holidays. A more complete way, adapted to the new trends, tastes and needs that we all have when travelling and dream of our perfect week. And, luckily, the hotel industry has realized this and there are alternatives that really make a difference. Because we deserve the best possible holiday, in this post we tell you about a new holiday approach, Sol Hotels.

The hotel options for family holidays has completely changed and has been completely renovated. After two years of refurbishments, renovations, new designs and analysis, this brand which is part of the Melia hotel group has found the key and now offers a complete catalogue of themed hotels in Majorca and other parts of the Spain and the world, that are really a space to be discovered. Almost, one might say, a tourist attraction in itself.

Sol Katmandu Park Resort

We take as a starting point some of its most emblematic and revolutionary hotels in Majorca, such as the Sol Katmandu Park, an accommodation which is an amusement park for families located in Magaluf, just steps from the beach. At this hotel, the holiday experience with children takes on another dimension because, not only does it provide rest and comfort but also unique leisure alternatives inside the resort itself.

Another modality, geared towards adults and young people who want to enjoy a beachfront hotel in Magaluf is the Sun Beach House hotel, where everything has that cool, modern and cutting-edge atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

With regards to children, we cannot forget to mention its world famous Flintstones hotels, which are like theme parks inspired by the classic cartoon series. These hotels create a spectacular space of fun for the smallest members of the family without neglecting the needs of adults.

All of these hotels, and the different versions offered in other parts of the Spanish geography. Prices have obviously risen with respect to the previous hotels buttheservices have also increased regarding category and quality. The locations remain exceptional and personalized attention is a plus which have given priority in all destinations.

Booking one of these exclusive hotels is complicated because the reservations are made and from one year to another and occupation is almost 100% from season to season. So, if you want to enjoy the experience, our advice is not to wait until 2016 to book your holiday. Rates right now are cheaper and the choice of type ofroomsare much more varied.

For online bookings, which usually always guarantee the lowest price online as it is a direct booking with no intermediaries, Sol Hotels has an official website where to book.

Sol Hotels, the magic of summer


There are hotels inviting to activate the imagination and design fun and adventure plans. Magical destinations and magical hotels, as those belonging to Sol Hotels line, which in the last years has invested in a complete renovation and deep specialization in all its accommodations.

It doesn’t matter what type of trip you have planned: Sol Hotelshas a hotel for you… Hotels for friends, hotels for couples, and Adults Only hotels, hotels for families and the famous Flintstones Hotels for children. They all situatedin the coast, beside quiet beaches with family atmosphere and services specially designed for every kind of traveller.

They have a very varied portfolio and every hotel exudes modernity and coolness. In fact, some of their hotels in Majorca –the last refurbished– have turned into authentic benchmarks for those looking for original holidays. A good example of this is Katmandú Park Hotel, a mix of accommodation and theme park in front of Magaluf beach, in Calvià coast.

Beside you can find other renowned hotels such as Sol Wave House, which boasts a big pool in front of the sea with artificial waves where you can practice surfing, and Sol Beach House, which isresult of a complete refurbishment of the old 4-star hotels this company had in this beach area of Majorca. Both hotels, as well as Katmandú, are the most rejuvenated image of Melià Hotels, which tries to create a new concept of fun hotel for every guest.

Proposals such as “always having breakfast in a bikini” or “enjoying a holiday in total freedom” converge with numerous leisure plans in the hotel, becoming a space to rest, a fashion place to contemplate the sunset, a chill out to relax next to the sea, a disco to dance, an amusement park to play…

Customers’ reactions have been so much positive that these hotels are completely booked before summer begins. These good results haven’t gone unnoticed for other hotel companies situated in this area, which have taken this idea to turn their establishments into a more global experience that accompanies every traveller in his entire stay.