Pirates Village Apartments: a great summer adventure

Summer holidays with children can be difficult to plan, specially if you try to meet everyone’s wishes. But if you present them a really attractive proposal, you will surely get a loud ‘Yes!’ as an answer along with a big smile. Great success for the parents then.

This was probably the idea that managers of Gran Isla Hotels had in mind when they decided to customize one of their hotels in Majorca with a topic that has always been really attractive to children, such a pirates, always a synonymous of action and adventure in exotic places.

At Pirates Village Apartments, every member of the family will immerse into a fun environment whose main purpose is that both parents and children can enjoy their holidays with a wide range of activities conceived to enjoy together or separately which can vary from sports to games of all kind, specially all type of water games.

The pirate experience starts just as you enter the website of the hotel, fully customized and with a modern attractive appearance that comes from the images shown of the animated movie that Gran Isla Hotel created to explain the origin of Pirates Village, The Captain of the Rose, which is shown both at the movie theater of the hotel and its outdoors stage.

Once you arrive at the hotel the trip to the pirates world begins with a fully customized façade which gathers all the elements you may expect on every pirate vessel: cannons to aboard the enemies boat, jewels from the found treasures, a great treasure map and, surely, a great wooden skull wearing a red buccaneer’s bandana.

Customization spreads through all outdoors and indoors areas of the hotel, in which you may find all kind of spaces decorated with pirate topics, whether if it’s a boat or the caves in which they hide their treasures.

And it becomes especially intense in the swimming areas, with the children swimming pool Pirates Bay and the Pirate Tower swimming pool, as well as in the areas specifically meant for children, such as the Pirate Cave Mini Club, a new concept of nursery in which they can enjoy a full range of activities.

The shows programmed by the hotel for its guests, which run almost everyday, have also mostly a pirate atmosphere. The group of buccaneers that is the animation team are in charge of reminding the special place they are in during the day. At night, a wide variety of shows can be enjoyed, including the successful Pirate attack, which runs every Sunday.

With all those events, Gran Isla Hotels, who manages other four hotels in Majorca, presents the perfect solution to the parents that must think where to spend the best holidays with their kids: Pirates Village Apartments, where they can have a break full of fun without the need of thinking everyday how to entertain their children. Let the hotel take care of that.

Customizing this hotel has been a great deal that has received a great welcoming on the audience side. As a matter of fact, many of Pirates Village Apartments’ guest actually repeat their experience the following year and they can keep in touch with this hotel throughout the whole year thanks to their loyalty program GI Club.

Best way to travel with children

Although it seems early to start to plan the next 2015 summer holidays, many parents are already analysing the destination, accommodation and airline tickets. It is worth organizing a trip in advance, since now most of the hotel chains offer the best discounts: children stay free, early booking… And, besides, it is always easier to find now the accommodation you want than later, when rooms are almost sold out and availability is limited

Planning your holiday trip in advance is even most important when you travel with children or with all the members of the family (grandparents, uncles, nephews…) since the flexibility is much less if you are in charge of others.

A very easy way of considering the holiday with family is beginning to organise it soon, but also choose the most compatible destination with all those who will make part of the trip. Andalusia, the Spanish Levante, the Canary Islands or Majorca are always good options, because they combine all types of leisure possibilities: active tourism, water sports, complete cultural schedule for children and adults, interesting places to visit, theme parks, gastronomy…

 Flintstone Hotels by Sol Hotels

Once the destination is chosen, the accommodation is the priority, it is even more important than the airline or train tickets, or the car route. Family hotels in Ibiza, beach resorts in Tenerife, theme hotels for children in Majorca… All of them offer specialized services for those who travel with kids and also want to enjoy their own holiday.

If you feel identified and if you are looking for holiday with children compatible with your rest, you must ensure a hotel with children’s entertainment, babysitting service, playgrounds and workshops.

Majorca is, in this sense, one of the tourist destinations where you ca rel=”nofollow”n find some of the best hotels for families. There you can choose among hotels with miniclub in Playa de Muro, in the north of the island and hotels with miniclub in Playa de Palma, just 2 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the centre of the Balearic capital.

But, in addition to services for children, it is necessary to seek an accommodation that gives you freedom and leisure plans for you to enjoy while your kids have fun in the miniclub or on the beach. So, you can include in your list golf hotels in Llucmajor, Majorca; family resorts in Lanzarote and hotels in Jandia with reserved areas for adults.

Choose hotels with family rooms, adjoining or double rooms with bunks or extra beds because it will give you the advantage of having always your children close, without giving up space.  Likewise, try to stay at a hotel close to the main places and stations of the destinations, in order to have an easy access to public transport and travel the city quickly and comfortably.

Once you have chosen your holiday resort, you can choose your flight. Many companies offer discounts for large families to the main beach destinations in Spain, specially to the islands. Opting for travelling by car is also a good option if you prefer a hotel in Andalusia or Levante, but try to plan a short route. Remember that your holiday begins in the first minute of your trip, not when you have arrived to the destination.