Family hotels in Tenerife: Iberostar hotel Las Dalias opens its door to family fun

When we think on holiday with children, we look for a place that combines absolute peace and a full of fun experience.

Tenerife brings a proposal with that and even more since it’s considered the best family accommodation in Costa Adeje: The IBEROSTAR hotel Las Dalias in Playa del Bobo, located in one of the most beautiful settlements of the island. So if you want beauty and enjoyment together to make the perfect plan for you and your children, do not hesitate and join us in this warming hotel that has 404 bedrooms up to 6 person per room, gym, activities for children, hair salon, beauty shop, meeting room, restaurant, and bars, all with an excellent service and a pleasant environment.

Las Dalias Hotel

Las Dalias Hotel

When you stay in a hotel like the Iberostar Las Dalias, you’re opening yourself to an endless fun. Enjoy our schedule: water activities, shows and our gastronomic menu that will captivate you. Fully enjoy a wonderful holiday in Costa Adeje, Tenerife with diversity, quality and comfort, something you truly deserve

You should forget all your worries, leave your stress behind during your holiday and focus all your attention on enjoy and share with your loved ones. This is a one-time only experience. You have to take this opportunity and enjoy as much as is possible. So this is the plan: take every precious moment and enjoy it doing the things you like best and please you. Remember that our hotel offers several sports such as: gymnastic, squash, aquatic aerobics, billiard, shooting galleries. All this activities will make your stay in Playa del Bobo will have you entertain with different activities every day and live new experiences during holiday

Open up to new experiences while you’re staying in Las Dalias, make it unique, feel it, smile, enjoy. This place will charm you so much that at the end you wouldn’t want to leave. Dedicate yourself to one thing: live life to the fullest and begin here, a place for something more than just spending the night

Submerge yourself in this dreaming paradise of Iberostar Las Dalias with all the magic that offers us every day. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy, live new thing and taste the best of Tenerife, make your stay memorable.

Say yes to everything this hotel offers you, book this family friendly hotel in Tenerife for an unforgettable stay in company of those you love. Make an online reservation and prepare yourself to daydream in this wonderful land, your kids will thank you! Trust me.