Seville has a special flavour

Sevilla has a special flavour. Sevilla tastes like art, tradition, ancient cuisine, fresh and salty, sauces and dishes, fried food, salads…it tastes like everything within it, with its essential grace that dazzles whoever visit it. It is the capital of Andalusia and it brings together the typical dishes of the region: for example, there is no better place to taste the different types of gazpachos orsalmorejos, since there are restaurants of each province in its streets, offering with the very joy of the city, the traditional cuisine brought from their place of origin.

Gastronomy in Sevilla is an historical concept, a ritual that no one can (and should not) escape, because, in order to discover the city’s essence, eating in Seville and doing it well is an inevitable step.

Large restaurants often require prior booking, many of which allow you to do it online, so it’s easier to schedule your tasting route of your gastronomic trip to Seville.platesandtapasare more curious, with free will: the idea here is improvise and get lost in the streets of the city, with the aromas coming out of the taverns and your craving of the moment.


theschedule to order food are long and many of thetapasbars are open all day long, from breakfast to dinner and a little bit more. Ham, squids, gazpachos, olives…And local winesarethe best combination with thespecialtiesthat fill the bars of these pubs decorated with oldcoloredprints.

If you’re staying in a hotel in the centre Sevilla or you’re thinking of booking in an accommodation in the area of Barrio de Santa Cruz , the most central of all-you will have at your disposal the best streets and plazas to enjoy all the tastes of this traditional cuisines.Taverns, traditional pubs, their delicious plates served with their wine and their beers, the kind of the neighbours who come religiously every day to enjoy an aperitif in the bars … To organize atapas route through thecenter of Seville is a must you have to include in any trip to this capital.

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