Objective: to live the Christmas in the Gran Vía of Madrid

We are almost at Christmas, it is true that few sensations are as charming and mysterious as those that make us think of Christmas, a celebration that reaches us all and each and every one of us participates in his or her own way. Along with the traditional combinations of bells, gifts and good wishes, Christmas cheer shines on us in the same way that it does in our country’s main streets, avenues and squares which overnight are filled with lights and decorations.
Although a lot of our cities look beautiful at this time of year, Madrid takes the prize in variety, spectacular sights and design. Large, authentic and avant-garde, Madrid with its decorated streets and its smell of hot chocolate with churros, is a showcase for the best of Christmas taste that is well worth discovering for all those who want to travel and do something over the next few weeks.
Although Christmas in Madrid reaches every nook, every street and every square, it is the Gran Vía that shines with extra style and that offers unique walks where you can find original gifts to give at Christmas. To put it another way; in Madrid Christmas is lived on the Gran Via.
IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Via Madrid

The best lighting in the city

For Madrid locals and for all those who have chosen the capital as a holiday destination, Gran Via is the place to be, like the Rockefeller Center for New Yorkers and the Tuileries for Parisians. This is the place where the Christmas magic is concentrated with spectacular colored lights and carols that transform every corner and every alley into a place of magic and enchantment.

While you can choose any time of day to visit the area, the best time is when it gets dark (about six in the afternoon) when you’ll see why Christmas lighting is so famous in this area.

Gifts for all

In Gran Vía there is everything for everyone, so it’s the place where everyone goes to do their shopping. With traditional shops (those selling fans, leather purses or wooden pipes) and large shops belonging to well-known brands such as H & M, Zara or Primark, Gran Vía is the place to see and be seen, to shop and stroll and the place in Madrid where you can try some other local treats (such as potato ‘tortilla’).

Where to stay in Madrid

For all those who declare themselves unconditional fans of Madrid there is nothing better than opting for one of the hotels located in this part of the city, so to be the most active in these Christmas dates. Although there are really good choices, our recommendation is to opt for the Las Letras Gran Vía hotel, a hotel full of style, famous for its location and with one of the best restaurants on the Gran Via in Madrid.

Near the city’s main gems and with services to suit all tastes (it boasts gyms, free connections and even libraries), the IBEROSTAR Las Letras Gran Vía Hotel offers unique views of Madrid’s main avenue.