Music dazzles Barcelona in spring

Spring, Barcelona…Music! This binding trio has created an unmissable appointment for many national travellers that welcome the flower season in the Condal City every year, enjoying the music events that begin during these months before summer in Barcelona, the best you can find across Europe during this time.

There are two essential events for modern people: the Primavera Sound Barcelona, with Indie, rock music genres, the star of the concert this year is The Strokes. The other one is the Sónar festival, an innovative refreshing event that offers diversity of music genres, as well as some complement activities related to Contemporary art, electronics and design.

Liceu de Barcelona

Liceu de Barcelona

The classical music fans will have the opportunity to visit the Liceu de Barcelona that always features the best concerts in its billboard, besides this year it is celebrating the 15th anniversary of reopening. Opera, symphonic orchestras, classical music series, and some jazz sparkles. The Theatre is a traditional place in the city, with a beautiful architecture that worth seeing. In fact, those who love theatre will have the opportunity to have a guided tour to the Liceu and discover the magic that hides behind walls.

Besides the big festivals and the anniversaries, Barcelona is filled with sounds, street artists, spontaneous performances in the squares, concerts in bars, pubs and nightclubs (the Sala Apolo is something you can’t miss when you come to Barcelona on weekends, it doesn’t matter what age you are) The city dances at the rhythm of the warming sunlight that came to stay.

Barcelona trembles this spring, even though is the best moment to visit it, you should plan your travel first, and have somethings taken on board: it’s true that high season hasn’t started yet, but the most affordable accommodations in the centre of Barcelona are really crowded so it’s best to book a hotel in Las Ramblas or even a hotel close to La Sagrada Familia and the Forum that ending up booking a hotel in the outskirts of the city and having transportation issues, or paying for a bedroom more than it’s worth

Keep in mind that the accommodation cost in hotels in Barcelona is higher than in other major cities like Madrid, therefore, going out to dinner, or to a club in the capital is more expensive, so any possible way to save some money, in both accommodation and flights, or travel around the city, will help you.

The tickets cost for concerts, festivals and music series tend to be similar to the ones in Madrid or Valencia, you can order them online (some will have a special online discount). This will help to organize your travel budget, and enjoy your time while in Barcelona, planning your schedule to go to all the events even if you’re staying only a couple of days.