Mundo Marino Museum in Matalascañas

One of the main attractions for tourists in Matalascañas and Caño Guerrero, in Huelva, was the Mundo Marino Museum, closed in 2012 for lack of funding. The Scientific Research Superior Council (CSIC) announced that the objective is reopening its doors in the near future, linked to the National Park Doñana, and with a wider focus.

Situated in the heart of the Parque Dunar of Matalascañas, offered a ludic tour allowing to get closer to the hidden life under the Cadiz golf waters.  Opened in 2002, it had interesting cetacean life size copies, which were taken to Seville and exhibited in The House of Science after it was closed.  If you are planning a getaway to Seville with children, do not miss it!

If, instead of Seville, your holiday destination is Matalascañas, in Huelva, this area offers great opportunities to enjoy, specially if you travel with family, despite the Mundo Marino Museum is not longer opened.  The wonderful Matalascañas beach, its mythic lighthouse, the amazing Cadiz Gulf water and all the environment of Doñana converge in a comfortable destination full of varied services: Hotels and apartments in the heart of the Matalascañas beach, restaurants and typical Andalucian pubs in different places of the region, golf courses, shopping centres, children’s playground…

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