Madrid Boutique Hotels for 2015

If you have never been in a boutique  hotel, this is your moment.  This type of accommodation is a travel experience, another attraction in the destination. And some of them stand out and make the difference.

Although the boutique hotel concept is not new, the truth is that the number of these hotels is not even half (or even a quarter) of other types of hotels, such as beach resorts in Tenerife or big hotels in the Coast of Barcelona or in the coast of Cadiz.

Boutique hotels in Spain are synonymous with charming hotels. They are small establishments that take advantage of this characteristic to offer an added value: they offer high quality personal attention and very corner in the accommodation is made with attention to detail.

Las Letras quarter in Madrid

Las Letras quarter in Madrid

Generally located in urban areas and small villages where people prefer relax and cultural tourism, the best boutique hotels in Spain are situated in Madrid and Barcelona.  Nevertheless, you can find some charming hotels in the centre of Seville, Salamanca, Granada, Bilbao and even in cities mostly dedicated to mass tourism such as Palma de Majorca.

In fact, Palma is experiencing a big change in this sense: in only 2 years, hotels in the centre of Palma have been focusing on a more and more exclusive boutique hotel model, so that 5-star hotels in the old town and business hotels in commercial and business areas have proliferated. It is truth that most of the hotels are targeted at a more impersonal tourism, but as rural tourism grow and beach hotels and resorts in Playa de Palma, Playa de Muro and Calvià become more and more specialized, the island has a new perspective and is gradually recovering its aspect of exclusive destination as in 60’s and 70’s.

But let’s return to the big capitals where we will undoubtedly find a more developed and evolved industry in terms of boutique hotels. If we look for a charming hotel in the centre of Madrid, we will have many options to choose from. Here we leave you some references that, in our opinion, are some of the best hotels in Madrid standing out for offering what we call the hotel experience.

La Posada del Peine: One of our favourite ones, not only for its refurbishments, which is worthy of the best hotel designers at the moment, but also because it is one of the oldest hotels in Spain: it was a boarding house when Madrid was not so important as now it is, and it was the place that hosted all the people that went to Madrid through the Puerta de Alcalá (Alcalá Gate). Its location is one of the reasons of its success. It is a hotel in Plaza Mayor in Madrid, situated in one of its arcades.  It is small, cosy, with a small number of rooms –so you have to book long in advance–, with a luxury personal attention and innovative services that will allow you to enjoy really comfortable spaces: rooms with Wi-Fi right in the centre of Madrid, you can ask for an iPad in reception to use it during the whole stay, you will have a computer in the bedroom, a bathroom with hydromassage shower (small but full equipped)…

Luxury hotel in Gran Vía, Madrid

Luxury hotel in Gran Vía, Madrid

Iberostar Las Letras: We cannot say that it is strictly a boutique hotel because of its dimensions, it has more than 100 rooms, so this quantity far exceeds what usually a boutique hotel is. Nevertheless, it meets the rest of requirements. It is a hotel to experience, a charming hotel in La Gran Via in Madrid, which has been exquisitely refurbished in each one of its spaces, preserving the nature historic building where it is situated and always offering an added value that goes beyond resting:  gourmet gastronomy, attention to detail, original and design bedrooms (some of them with Jacuzzi at the terrace), exclusive services and, of course, terrace roof from where you can contemplate the roofs of the centre of Madrid. It is worth mentioning the restaurant, and although you don’t stay at the hotel, you must visit it: there you will find the great Paco Morales chef, which is one of the best chefs in Madrid.

Art Gallery Hotel: One of the most exclusive hotels in Madrid boasts the boutique hotel concept in style. Its design and innovative services stand out. It is located in the Serrano area, which turns it into a very sought-after accommodation for those who want to stay at a hotel next to El Retiro, high society that want to stay next to the best boutiques and restaurants in the capital, and for renowned businessmen. Its atmosphere is select. A bit rigid if you are looking for an informal trip. Now, resting there is a real experience since it really seems an avant-garde art gallery. Its refurbishment has been made by the Basque chain Petit Palace, one of the most important models as for boutique hotels in Spain. It is a 4-star hotel but seems 5-star. It offers free breakfasts, flexible check-out adapted to each guest, and cutting edge technology. It is also famous for being a gastronomic hotel Madrid. Malevich restaurant is an authentic ode to the excellence in cuisine. You can make a reservation even if you are not staying at the hotel and it is perfect for romantic dinners or business lunches.

There are more hotels: Madrid is almost the capital of boutique hotels in Spain, but you must discover the rest of them… and come to tell us.