Luxury hotel tendencies for 2016

Time has changed the concept we had of luxury holidays. Luxury does not imply an excessively ornate hotel with butler, concierge, porter, caviar and vain people any more. Now almost anyone who saves a bit of money can afford a 4-day getaway to a 5-star hotel in some of the best destinations of Spain, and even Europe. The luxury hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Balearic or Canary Islands have changed their philosophy and their proposal: everybody deserves a stay in an accommodation full of commodities and special services, without thereby implying a place without soul exclusively for the elite.

This is the philosophy of the new luxury hotels in Tenerife, like the Grand Hotel Mencey, a proposal of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts that has recovered one of the oldest hotels in Spain and has opened it to a public of all ages, nationalities and acquisitive power. Without losing the class and elegance of an exclusive luxury, well-cared, discreet and quiet hotel, this accommodation in the centre of Santa Cruz has democratised its experiences, opening its doors so that we enjoy its charms: its stunning wellness and spa area, with thousands of square metre devoted to body and mind wellness; its fitness area and its lounge bar with terrace, with daily events open to the external public and to the locals as a leisure and relax alternative in Santa Cruz.

The Los Menceyes restaurant, with the already famous Mencey Cooking Class, is a meeting point for locals, personalities of the society of Tenerife, business people and those who want to enjoy a special gastronomic experience, celebrate an anniversary or organise a wedding or a business event.

Luxury hotels

Luxury hotels

Another option with a clear tendency in the section of luxury hotels is the hotel chain Vincci Hotels. In this case the exclusivity is kept and the hotel chain bets for large resorts with endless services in traditional high class areas for holidays, wellness and golf tourism, which are elements traditionally associated with the 5-star hotels in Malaga, Majorca or Ibiza.

But this chain has developed different lines of action in this sense. And almost in the opposite direction, it offers us an alternative to enjoy our luxury holidays based on personalised attention, small details, intimate atmosphere… We are talking about the hotel in Benalmádena with spa and gastronomy, the Selección Aleysa Boutique & Spa, a hotel with few rooms and selected services for an elite atmosphere.

Talking about luxury implies talking about capitals, as the best-cared hotels are traditionally located in the largest cities. For example, one of the reference luxury accommodations of Iberostar -despite being a hotel chain focused on destinations of beach tourism- is a hotel in the centre of Budapest devoted to business travellers and to those looking for comfortable urban getaways with a fabulous location.

The hotels in the centre of Madrid are also devoted to the business sector, but the 2016 tendency for this type of accommodation is improving the services no matter the type of traveller. The hotels with roof terraces in Madrid have created a tendency in the city, and the same happens with the hotels with restaurant in Serrano, Las Cortes or Puerta del Sol, which have become a reference in the haute cuisine sector. In fact, most of the kitchens of the luxury hotels in Madrid are led by great chefs and prominent figures of the gastronomic sector. This also happens in the main 4-star hotels in Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville: the most select hotels want to get to a wider audience and become a destination in themselves, enlivening the cities where they lie.

The new services being incorporated are wellness services with new techniques and spaces, with credited staff, with a combination of services traditionally understood as basic sports… Gastronomy, as already mentioned, is another of the lines of action in these luxury accommodations; the design rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology (the hotels in Madrid with free iPad are already a classic); the personalised leisure plans managed directly by the hotel, as if it was a concierge service, etc.

Prices have also fallen, creating a good quality price ratio that makes the expense worth it. These hotels are unavoidably expensive, but if we compare their prices with those of a 3-star hotel, in most of the cases choosing a 4-star hotel in Madrid, or even a 5-star, makes up for the effort. But it is important to manage your reservation in the adequate place. Looking for a quick service, we normally get directly to booking, but in many cases, specially with superior hotels, the best offers for luxury hotels are on the official website of the chain, or even on the individual website of every hotel (although not all of them have one).