Looking for a business hotel in Madrid?

Although there is an unlimited accommodation offer, it is not always easy to find a good business hotel in Madrid that meets our requirements.

You may be travelling today to Madrid for a business meeting but may be tomorrow, what you need is a location where you can trust the celebration of an important presentation to the press or a conference with other businesses of the industry with whom to begin new projects.

Among all the hotel chains with presence in the capital of Spain, today we are reviewing the portfolio of business hotels in Madrid of the Basque firm Petit Palace Hotels, well known as a leading chain of state of the art hotels in our country.

Free Wifi and laptop in the Petit Palace Embassy Serrano Madrid

If you observe all the hotels as a whole, they stand out for their excellent situation and the quality of the services (High Tech rooms are a dream for any business man) they don’t offer great dinning services in all their accommodations, but they do offer full breakfast and the possibility of having coffee and tea at any time of the day.

The accommodations will surprise you for its good taste and comfort, with the perfect size to travel alone or with company. Many, especially those situated in the centre of Madrid, offer spaces for the celebration of meetings, presentations to the press and cocktails and events.

  • Hotel Petit Palace Embassy Serrano Madrid – One of our favourites. Impeccable in its design and exquisite in its attention. It has a prestigious restaurant in the hotel, ideal for business lunches or other special events. Its location, the only hotel in Serrano Street, make the most adequate hotel if you are looking to surprise.
  • Hotel Petit Palace Art Gallery Madrid – Located next to the famous Golden Mile in Madrid, close to the best shops and the park of El Retiro. Perfect for business trips or a couple getaway. There are rooms with static bicycles and a dock station for iPod and iPhone.
  • Hotel Petit Palace Arturo Soria – Hotel for business next to Ifema, Madrid. Thought specially for business trips and those assisting business fairs. It is very close to the centre of the city, and it is perfectly connected with different public transport lines. It has all the space and commodities of a hotel close to the Madrid airport.
  • Hotel High Tech Nueva Castellana Madrid – Another of the business hotels best situated in Madrid, close to Ifema, the airport of Madrid barajas and the most important businesses of the capital. The rooms have been designed for those travelling for business and need a place where to work, and of course, rest.

Free Transfer from the hotel Petit Palace Art Gallery

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