Looking for a snow destination? There is no doubt that Andorra is the key

Although we love the Summer months unconditionally, it’s true that when the month of December arrives – and goodness knows why – everyone gets out shawls and blankets and enjoys being at home with the rain or snow outside. This snow which is enjoyed by a lot of people (that is why they live in the north of the country), but which others hardly see from year to year, is the main feature of a few days off in totally enchanting Winter days.

With the Christmas holidays around the corner, it is time to choose your destination wisely. Have you decided you’d like a ‘white Christmas’ full of relaxation, mountain scenery and ski sessions? That’s perfect because this December our top recommendation goes by the name of Andorra.

Incomparable nature

Small but impressive as far as landscapes are concerned, Andorra is a place in which to lose ourselves and in which to recover some of that inner calm that our habitual rhythm of life steals away from us. It’s a destination that is sheltered by the beautiful Pyrenees and where wild, unspoiled nature is brought to life in shades of green, white and blue.

Although the usual thing is to get to know its capital, Andorra la Vella, our recommendation for this month of December is the Grau Roig, a place that you should definitely visit especially if you want to get to know firsthand the passion that this land has for skiing and snowboarding.

Considered one of the most spectacular places in the whole Principality, this area boasts hotels like Grau Roig Andorra Boutique Hotel in which to enjoy a perfect stay with unique mountain views and the best ski slopes. What’s more, did you know that the rooms at Grau Roig Andorra Boutique Hotel & Spa are considered the best in the area? Listen

Leisure and relaxation for everyone

We don’t really know whether it’s due to pressure changes or due to the cold, but the truth is that the pace of life in Andorra is tranquil and perfect for those who want to relax.

With several leisure and fitness centers located in the same location as the Grau Roig Hotel Andorra, the Principality also offers a wide range of leisure activities for those traveling with friends or family so that they can truly enjoy the holidays. An example would be to visit to the new museum of the motorbike rider Jorge Lorenzo or take a stroll through the center of the capital.