Learning to sail in Ibiza

Ibiza is pure Mediterranean. It is the perfect island to enjoy the sun, but above all, to get the most out of its incredible pristine waters, with no swell and its spectacular seabed. With a coast of 210 km and over 50 small coves hidden away from everyone, it shelters the most important yachts and boats in the Mediterranean. There, during the summer months, all kinds of personalities and famous people hide their boats from paparazzi’s and to relax in the sun. Between cove and cove, they share routes with the islands locals’, that take out every weekend their small boats and the sea is transformed into a parade of sails that simply smell of summer.

Accommodation in Ibiza

Accommodation in Ibiza

All these natural characteristics, summed to the amount of tourist services that are present on the island, make Ibiza the ideal place to learn to sail. The areas with the best winds are Cala Martina and the exclusive area for beach holidays of Playa Pinet, where it is common to find surfers, kite surfers and scuba divers. To anchor, Ibiza counts with a large number of coves, being the most comfortable those of Cala Vedella and the Port des Torrent, completely protected from the winds.

The sailing club of Ibiza is the official reference on the island to take up sailing lessons. The club is the second oldest in the Balearics, only after Ciutadella, in Minorca, and has over 80 years experience in the sailing world, offering lessons to people of all ages and parts of the world.

Hotel Fergus Paraiso Beach

Hotel Fergus Paraiso Beach

For those visiting Ibiza for only a short time, the club has a wide range of intensive sailing courses, that allow you to combine relax on the island with some hours of fun training aboard. The groups of friends on holiday in Ibiza may request the possibility to book lessons all together, which can lead to a very nice experience and a different way of living a sun and beach holiday in Ibiza.

Learning to sail is also a perfect plan to enjoy with the family, a perfect option if you are travelling with children to Ibiza. At the Ibiza’s sailing Club there are introduction courses for children, very economical, and that allow kids to be entertained and enjoy themselves safely while parents can go shopping, have a drink or simply, rest comfortably on the sand.

As well as Ibiza’s Sailing Club, on the island you can find numerous sailing schools that offer sailing courses, as well as kayak, scuba diving, paddle surf…. If you have a hotel in Playa den Bossa or if you are staying in Cala Martina, Cala Pada, Ses Salines or in the city of Ibiza (Vila), you will see that the offer is quite large.

On the other side, if what you prefer is to enjoy an excursion on boat and discover the island from the sea without having too many complications, it is possible to find the services of tourist boats that make trips, of several hours, through some of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza.

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