Last minute or early booking

Last minute or early booking? Well, it depends on the situation. The truth is that, if we can, the best thing we can do is to take advantage of Early Booking hotel offers, since it allows us to book with more flexibility than last minute offers.  Savings are similar, maybe higher in last minute hotel deals, but you can only have the possibility of choosing your holiday as you want if you are far-sighted.  A last minute bargain will only allow you to book and that’s all, without choosing a type of room or accommodation: you take what remains.  That is why it is cheap.

It is true that last minute discounts at hotels in the centre of Madrid or Barcelona could even represent 30%, and some last minute offers at hotels in Majorca, resorts in Tenerife or apartments in Benidorm, are close to 50% at high season beginning or end. However, in these last minute packages, traveller is limited to accept offer conditions: x type of room, x number of days, x accommodation type. Take it or leave it.

Foresight, on the contrary, has reward. German and British people know it well: they generally opt for early booking, influenced by their tour operators and agencies which, as hotels, are the most favoured with this system. Yes, there is always a reason: behind the Early Booking model and its considerable discounts at hotels located in areas such as the Canary islands, Majorca or Andalusia coast, there is a need of closing certain number of bookings, allowing them to receive high season with confidence and viability.

This is why, far-sighted travellers, those who have fixed holiday dates and chosen destinations since previous year, can get a 15% or 30% discount in any hotel rate, any type of room, any accommodation and any service.

Early Booking guarantees you better offer in hotels and accommodations than Last Minute Booking. In this sense, Early Booking is specially recommended for families wanting to book, for example, a hotel in the centre of Barcelona, or an accommodation in the old quarter of Seville, since they generally have a limited number of rooms and travelling with children sometimes requires to book connected rooms.

Although there are more and more family hotels in the centre of Barcelona, more and more family resorts in Lanzarote, Tenerife, Malaga, Huelva or Majorca -just to mention some of the most visited destinations by families- availability significantly decreases when travel dates arrive.

The best early booking deals are usually offered by tour operators and agencies, but in last years direct sales channel in online hotels websites has become stronger.  This is the reason by which it is recommended to visit hotels official websites in order to compare the most affordable and complete Early Booking packages.

Hotels and apartments in Benidorm, boutique hotels in Valencia, beach resorts in Cadiz, hotels in Barcelona coast, luxury resorts in Majorca… We can find all types of Early Booking deals for all types of accommodations, even for 5 star and luxury hotels, allowing you to enjoy top quality services at 3-star hotel rates.

Finally, in tourism, as in life, It is better to prepare and prevent than to procrastinate, repair and repent.