Hotels with pets allowed for this summer

We who travel with pets, know the difficulties about finding an accommodation to comfortably share with our four footed friends. Most of the hotels with pets allowed in Spain have strict limitations, some of them incomprehensible, such as the prohibition of pets alone in a room and, at the same time, the prohibition of leaving them in common areas … So, what do we do with them?

I understand that most of the accommodations assume that those travelling with pets will spend their time outside the hotel. The inconsistency lies in that many of them only offer the option of booking All Inclusive.  However, there are more and more accommodations allowing pets in our country (more than 8000 establishments: hotels, country houses and campsites), a reserve kept, until recently, for rural hotels or for camping sites.

The big hotel chains have noted a growing segment of travellers going on holidays with their pets: there are more and more young couples which have no children, but dog or cat. Leaving the pet with a friend, a relative or in a boarding kennels is an option, but there is a tendency to travel with pets, especially if its is a holiday for a week or more.

Barceló Montecastillo Golf Hotel

Barceló Montecastillo Golf Hotel

High level tourism groups such as Barceló now offer specific services for pets, in the same line that offer services for those travelling with children: tailor-made spaces, pet sitters, pet food… One of the best equipped accommodations is the golf hotel in Jerez, Barceló Montecastillo Golf & Sports Resorts, where we can rent comfortable villas and book a space for our pet for an extra fee of 20 Euros per day. This rate includes a Pet box with bed, water and food bowl, pet food and a guidebook with the veterinary centres and pet groomers of the area. Besides, the hotel provides a service of pet walkers for 75 euros per day.

Other chains such as Petit Palace, specialized in urban hotel in Madrid and Barcelona, offer accommodation for pets in all their establishments: hotels in Seville, Malaga, Bilbao and Salamanca, in addition to the big capitals. Now, there are certain size limitations that you must check in each hotel before booking the rooms.

While some hotel chains bet on opening their spaces to travellers with pets, other chains have recently decided to change their policies and banned the access of animals to their establishments. This is the case of emblematic chains such as Confortel, whose hotels in Cádiz, Madrid, Fuengirola, Barcelona, Badajoz and Huelva do not allow pets anymore. What a shame!

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