Hotels for low cost travels

Travelling is one of life’s great pleasures and, although the crisis  have restrained us, those who cannot live without travelling keep looking for new destinations and new experiences within our low-cost budget.

A good way of enjoying these trips with tight budget is taking advantage of the destinations closest to our city of residence and what they can offer us.  This is the reason why, in accordance with the first tourism results of this 2014 Easter, there is a clear increase in national tourism in our country: hotels in Fuerteventura, golf resorts in Majorca or even luxury hotels in Cáceres have significantly improved bookings in this year’s season.

We travel to closer destinations and bet on a more complete hotel experience.  Many users claim this is a way to avoid surprises: if you go with a fixed budget, the best thing is to know in advance how much you will spend, because it is usual to buy additional things that could put your account in the red.

Hotel in Jandia Beach

Hotel in Jandia Beach

Booking, for example, a hotel in the centre of Madrid with complimentary breakfast could be a good choice to enjoy a getaway to the capital without needing spend more than the strictly necessary: a good buffet breakfast included in the room price allowing you to spend a day with a light lunch (some snacks or a sandwich) and to save cash and improvise in the night, one of the great temptations in Madrid.

In these cultural getaways to Madrid or Barcelona, it is also interesting to organise the trip in advance and choose the events and museums to go.  In most of the centres and theatres you can book a ticket by internet.  You can also thoroughly check the official websites of the councils and tourism institutions of the chosen destination, because many of them offer complete season tickets with diverse activities at special prices.

Golf Hotel in Majorca

Golf Hotel in Majorca

In the hotels, especially if you book directly by the official website, you can find offers fitting your trip plan and allowing you to save budget for dinners outside the hotel, special tours, events… For example, if you choose in great detail a spa hotel in Majorca, you could enjoy really cheap holidays, even though it could not be a priori noticeable: beach is free, spa included in room price, as well as the airport transfer and meals… It is true that these luxury hotels, in Madrid, Majorca or Malaga, are not quite cheap, but they guarantee a first-rate experience with a fixed budget, without surprises.

In the end, it is about  fitting in with a total. Going on holidays is not free, but if you can limit yourself to the fixed expenses and get to make the most of that budget, the result is the same: luxury holidays at low cost.  Without frights and the best of the attention.  Who can refuse such a proposal?

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