Hotels for hipsters, modern and cool people

I am modern because the world has made me that way… And it is fashionable.  Yes, modern people, hipsters, cool people, call them as you want. They are many, they move, travel and this has made that hotels look at  them… and grow a beard.

We say it with a smirk, but it is truth: we live in a society with a syndrome of belonging to a group, raised to the highest power, where fashions and trends spread like wildfire in all social classes and strata.

Fashions, urban tribes, categorizations, generalizations, people, habits and tastes. I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member, said Groucho Marx. But finally we all feel identified with a series of things that make us feel as a part of a group, clan or club where we can have a good time with people like us and, at the same time, feel unique and different from everyone.

When we travel, clearly, the situation is similar: we want to travel to places adapted to our tastes, where we can find options to feel ourselves, where we can share moments and histories with other people that also enjoy the same.  But people different from the rest.

In fact, the tourist trade has always worked for different types of publics. This tendency is becoming stronger in the last years, creating a deeper specialization: a hotel for every type of traveller.  Adults Only hotels, hotels for children, hotels for events, hotels for seniors, hotels for sport lovers… And of course, hotels for modern people, for all new tribes that love to travel and enjoy the good services. Lifelong gourmets. Yes, they can now enjoy options such as design hostels (such as the international Generator chain) or hotels such as Fergus Magaluf Resort, Opera Garden Hotel in Barcelona or Catalonia Barcelona Plaza.

All these modern, dynamic and well decorated hotels with last generation services are their favourite ones. Bright spaces to relax, furniture combining vintage style with top quality technology, good gastronomy, flexible and personalised schedules, music, parties and specially, select atmosphere. The modern ambience, which everyone wants to make part of.

How is a modern hotel?

Specific design: The most important factor, as we have mentioned before, is a special and different design. Details with which public feels identifies, and want to photograph and share.  Because one of the most relevant things is that: to share, show and boast. No one else better than the guest to spread by word of mouth “I have been here. Haven’t you? I can’t believe it!” Creating in the user the need to share the place where he stays is winning the battle (or the war).

Innovative services: Always more and better. Staying in a hotel with free wifi in Madrid is basic and essential. Now guests also ask for rooms with laptops next to Puerta del Sol. Even with iPad. If you also provide free bicycles to travel the destination, chill out areas to contemplate a nice view (hotels with rooftop in Madrid are some of the most sought after nowadays) or a restaurant with a renowned chef, success is almost assured.

Personalised rooms: Every room different from the rest, with a motivation or a phrase defining the thread of the experience. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, room has to give the guest the feeling of being in a space that has been specially designed for him.

Themed entertainment: If you provide something for your guests’ entertainment, it must be something with which they feel identified or even, the deciding factor in their decision. Live concerts of attractive groups, special parties, DJ sessions, gastronomic experiences, plans to discover the destination in an original way…