Hotels as a destination

Hotels have taken a step further in the relationship with the traveller and have gone from being a space in which to rest after a long day of sightseeing, to be a place where to enjoy the destination. Not all hotels offer this possibility, but it is true that there is a clear trend from hoteliers to care for and pamper its guests with details that go beyond services and amenities.

Calas de Conil Cadiz

Today, booking a hotel with spa in Islantilla or a hotel with paddle tennis in Calas de Conil is as simple as making a few clicks. The offer is so wide and varied that the difficult part is not finding a what you are looking for but rather choosing in which of the hotels that offer it you will stay.

The decision is very personal, but there are a number of key points that make some hotels really atractive.

One of them, perhaps the most important, is to transform the hotel into a destination. How? Developing an accommodation concept so special and well looked after that the client feels the necessity to visit it, the same necessity that can be felt for a particular destination. The idea is to convey that the experience one can live in that hotel is unique and can not be found anywhere else.

Hotel Confortel Calas De Conil

This can be achieved by creating spaces and high quality services, truly special, differentiated from the rest of hotels not only in their destination but all over Spain.  Examples include offering dinners with a renowned chef once a week, organise parties with performances by popular musical groups, create live shows for children with TV characters, create a series of lectures and conferences with personalities from different sectors…

The possibilities are endless and must be in accordance with the destination of the hotel as this will, undoubtedly determine the type of client that must be addressed. A holiday hotel in Fuengirola must use different claims than a urban hotel in Madrid with conference rooms and a clientele focused on the business world.

Confortel Hotel Fuengirola

To focus correctly this new challenge and be able to shape the hotels of the XXI century is more important than ever to understand well the modern traveller, listen to the guests, pay attention to their needs, invest and be willing to correct and learn constantly. This is, in our opinion, what will maintain the level of business that for years has made Spain one of the main destinations of the world.

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