Hotels and the cycle torurism fashion

Tourism has become so widespread, amongst people with different interests so diverse means of traveling that, in the last couple of years, it has developed and perfected new forms of destination enjoyment, either in the city or in nature.

One of the most frequent motivations for a holiday, especially in the months of Autumn and Winter, is cycle tourism. Discover a city or region on top of a bike so that the holidays, apart from some days of rest, have become a perfect excuse to practice sport and keep fit.

The tourism industry has embraced the idea with open arms and many hotels have prepared themselves to welcome the lovers of this two wheeled sport. However, it is still only a few hotels that offer the possibility to enjoy a bicycle trip through big cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Looking through the different portfolios, we observe how the urban hotel chain High Tech offers in all its accommodations a rent a bike service completely free for its guests.

The novelty lies in that they are hotels in Las Ramblas of Barcelona, hotels in the historic centre of Seville and hotels in the centre of Valencia. Right at the heart of the major cities of Spain.

Many will think that the idea of riding a bike through the centre of Barcelona is not the best way to do tourism, but if they would try one of these bike friendly hotels they would understand why there are more and more adepts to this type of accommodation: the majority of the city counts to this day with modern bike lanes to circulate with safety.

The truth is that in chaotic cities like New York and Tokyo they have been years offering this possibility to the tourist. And, without doubts, covering the Manhattan perimeter on bike is an great experience and a unique opportunity to cover the city in depth.

High Tech has brought this service to all its hotels in Spain, so cycle tourism lovers will enjoy its free bicycles in all its hotels. From the modern hotel next to the airport of Madrid to the historical hotel in the centre of Bilbao Petit Palace Arana.

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