Going for tapas in Santo Domingo street in Benidorm

In Benidorm you can taste all types of dishes and cuisine styles, specially Mediterranean. But, additionally, this city has plenty of tapas and pinchos restaurants where authentic delicacies are served. Although there are tapas bars dotted about all over Benidorm, most of them are situated in the called “callejón de las tapas” (tapas alley), which goes from Plaza de la Constitución to Santo Domingo street.

Santo Domingo street, in particular, is specially known for being full of tapas and pinchos restaurants. This street and the surrounding streets are also known as the Basque area because of the number of Basque restaurants located there, specialized in the traditional pinchos of this northern region.

If you travel to Benidorm, it is more than recommended to walk through this area and taste some of the delicious pinchos and tapas they serve. Usually, a single day is not enough to taste all you want, so it is very common that the same visitors go back  on numerous occasions to try what they could not taste before. Admittedly, besides having an extraordinary appearance, it has a large variety of pinchos for all tastes, they all very appetising.

Among the most famous pinchos and tapas restaurants, we find La cava aragonesa at Plaza de la Constitución.  This establishment has a long counter where its wide variety of pinchos is exhibited. Besides, it has also a good menu of dishes, which are prepared with high quality raw material.

In Santo Domingo street we find also two very recommended tapas bars belonging to the Aurrea chain: Bodegón Aurrea and La Tapería Aurrea. Both are specialized in this type of cuisine and have good renown in the capital of Costa Blanca.

Other recommended restaurants where traditional Basque food is served are Taberna Elizondo and Bar Gaztelutxo.

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