Enjoy the perfect stay in Barcelona

Along the Mediterranean Sea and bounded by the Pyrenees we find Barcelona, the Catalonian capital also called Ciudad Condal, which is the second most populated city in Spain and one of the most visited cities in the country as Madrid.

Barcelona is a vibrant and dynamic city with a wide range of entertaining and job offers. However, if you are planning to travel to Barcelona for leisure or business, you must organize an original holiday. Here’s a list of our best recommendations, so you will discover the secret spots in Barcelona.

Places to discover in Barcelona

Plaza Cataluña, Barcelona

Plaza Cataluña, Barcelona

  • If you want to explore the best secret spots in Barcelona, you should climb Tibidabo Hill and admire the spectacular views of the capital. You can see all its amazing contrasts created by the sea and the country bordered by France and the Pyrenees.
  • The second must-visit place in Barcelona is Mar Bella beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. There’s a nudist section in this beach, in case you would like to enjoy a naked swim.
  • After sunbathing and enjoying the coast of Barcelona, you should start your touristic tour along Las Ramblas de Barcelona. There are many gourmet restaurants and luxury shops, and you may see some street actors or musicians. Las Ramblas is close to Plaza de Cataluña and is one of the most popular meeting points for locals.

What you should taste in Barcelona

Barcelona is a multicultural capital, a perfect destination to taste, smell and try everything. All neighbourhoods offer us many gastronomic specialities from different cultures.

If you want to taste a typical dish in Barcelona, you should ask for pan tumaca or a paella parellada in a good restaurant if you are travelling with friends or family.

We also suggest you taste esqueixadas in different flavours, which you will surely love.

Barcelona is a gastronomic meeting point, where you can taste gourmet food full of contrasts and amazing flavours.

Stay at Plaza Catalunya

Staying at a hotel in Las Ramblas, in Plaza Catalunya, is the best choice. If you want to explore the city, eat well, visit the best places and walk through Las Ramblas de Barcelona, you should stay at Catalonia Ramblas in the historic centre of Barcelona.

The services of Catalonia Ramblas are great. This exclusive 4-star hotel takes care about every detail and its excellent facilities assure you a fabulous and relaxing stay.