El Rompido beach, or your dream holidays in Huelva

Despite the influx of tourists that visit El Rompido for several years, this fishing town preserves the traditional essence of a fishermen, workers and early risers’ town. The beauty of its nature and its charm make you wonder if El Rompido should be the starting point of the tour. Some people just don’t want to visit any other place.

Restaurants, water sports, hiking, running, cycling, golf courses and a great range of hotels. Which activities should you do on your holidays in El Rompido, Huelva?

Recommended activities

  • Enjoy Marismas Natural Park, in Rio Piedras, a funny segway trip.

  • You can enjoy a sailing trip in El Rompido with your couple or you can also win someone’s heart while watching the sunset accompanied by a wine or champagne bottle…What a delight!

  • Karting race in Cartava, a karting circuit within 10 kilometers of El Rompido.

  • You can practice windsurf in El Rompido beach with personalised lessons depending on your expertise or requirements.

  • Visit Los Zuñiga castle, a military building that guarded Rio Piedras shores. It was restored in the last century and now is a National Monument.

  • Dive in Flecha del Rompido and admire the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Ocean. You will never forget this incredible experience.

4-star hotel in El Rompido, Huelva

4-star hotel in El Rompido, Huelva

Accommodation recommendation

If you want to live your dream holidays in Huelva, and particularly in El Rompido, you should choose a hotel that fits your needs. After reviewing all opinions and evaluations, the luxury hotel chain Garden Hotels is the perfect choice. It doesn’t just include luxury rooms at reasonable prices, but a great spa.

Garden Playanatural Hotel is also designed for athletes, both experts and beginners. It has football, tennis and basketball facilities. Finally, it also has a gym open to all guests.