Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is just in front of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. The museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. We both are located in Al Fahidi historical area at the heart of Bur Dubai.

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The museum is placed at the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in the city, built in 1787 as a defense, but then it turned into an arsenal, it was also used as a prison, and finally, in 1971 it was opened as the official museum of Dubai to exhibit its original heritage.

Visitors have the opportunity  to know Dubai old history, how they interacted with other civilizations. Besides, they can get familiar with the different environments of Dubai: coast, desert, mountain, etc. Urban and rural lives are described through the monuments and remains exhibited in the museum, which is divided into different wings according to the period exhibited. Audio and video are available all over the museum.

As regards the exhibitions, there are many authentic monuments, pottery, weapons, tombs, archaeological finds, jewelry, original models, drawings… A visit to the Dubai Museum is a trip from old to modern Dubai and gives an idea of the city development.

The last stop before leaving the museum through its spiral ramp is the gift shop.

Respecting the facilities, the Dubai Museum offers tourism guidance at no extra charge; although it holds a parking, there are nearby parking areas; the museum is close to Ghubaiba and Fahidi Metro and public bus stations.

Our hotel in Bur Dubai is walking distance from the Dubai Museum, we have maps at guests’ disposal, you only have to ask for them at the hotel’s reception desk, technology lovers can have a look to the map on our official website.

We recommend customers to visit the Dubai Museum for them to experience our heritage.