Dubai, an authentic oasis on the Persian Gulf coast

Open your eyes and dawn in the most cosmopolitan city in the world and one of the most exclusive. Can you imagine that you could do it with a little snap of your fingers? Something like this is what we have proposed this week in the blog Trips & Hotels: to make you travel by the reading to Dubai, one of the jewels of the UAE and one of the unique destinations that we should all visit at least once in our lives. And what’s more, why not land in the emirates land on your next Easter vacations?

While the most reticent will say that it is nothing more than a city close to the great desert, Dubai is certainly a unique place in the world… Something like an oasis on the Persian Gulf coast where you will find places of extreme beauty and where you can have unrepeatable experiences. The most recommended of them? Let us briefly review why it is one of the most incredible cities in the world:

A constantly evolving skyline

A difference from other cities like New York, Paris or Prague,; Dubai has a profile (aka “skyline”) that is constantly evolving and it’s investment in new buildings is so high (and constant) that year after year it’s executive areas are recreated with new skyscrapers that reach shocking heights and impossible forms.

Those who have visited the city and have stayed in a hotel in Bur Dubai (such as the exclusive Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa) will realize that in addition to the executive buildings themselves, there are several 4-star hotels in Dubai that adopted authentic palace forms. Yes, a way of living our thousand and one nights in the heart of the Arabian Desert.

The small Venice of Dubai

Although it is very close to the Arabian Desert, Dubai has an exclusive coastline where corners take shape, like Dubai Creek. A small Venice on the waters of the Persian Gulf where you can enjoy a ride in charming wooden boats. In addition to being located in one of the oldest areas of the capital, the place is unique for its relaxing atmosphere and its heart-stopping panoramic views.

Ski Dubai

One of the many attractions that Dubai offers is skiing. Skiing? Yes skiing, and nothing less than one of the most relevant indoor slopes in the world. With its more than twenty thousand square meters, these facilities offer a unique experience that very few can resist.

A sun that is born magically

Many will say that the dusk of Dubai is incredible, however we – who have been fortunate enough to experience the sunrise and sunset of the king star – realize that there is nothing like the dawn to appreciate that magic that we like so much in the Arab Emirates. Of course, to have the experience you have to be ready to get up early as it comes.