Disconnect from the world: escape to Mallorcan countryside

Sometimes disconnection is not so easy as it seems. Telecommunication, Internet and Social Media lead us to be constantly in touch and explain what we do, where we are and where we go. That affects our health, so you should stop at least for a while and find a place to relax and rebalance yourself, enjoying life as it deserves it.

Today we suggest you disconnect from everything and take a 4 days countryside break. We have chosen Mallorca because it is one of the most versatile holiday destinations and easily accessible by plane from almost any airport in Spain and abroad.

We plan our break in Spring -early summer, the perfect time to explore the charming places of the island calmly and the weather is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities avoiding the summer heat waves.

We want to travel to the countryside close to Palma in Mallorca, so we can reach the city easily in case we would like to enjoy urban life just for a while like tourists nosing out locals’ daily life.

agrotourism in Mallorca

agrotourism in Mallorca

There are several accommodations in this area: hotels and beach resorts, apartments, traditional country houses… We chose a paradisiac agrotourism in Mallorca. Son Julia Boutique Hotel, a country hotel between Palma and Llucmajor built in a typical Mallorcan finca and surrounded by meadows, mills and olive groves. The hotel boasts impressive gardens -gardening is really important for them- and offers a wide range of services: spa, gourmet gastronomy, sports and wedding venues.

Choosing a hotel with high quality services is essential, even if the budget rises a bit, because it guarantees us total disconnection and avoids us to go to the city when we get bored. Breaking with routine is not easy and we have to make great efforts to avoid doing the same: computer, handy and so on. Therefore, sport, countryside, blue sky, crystal water coves, gourmet food, daily interesting plans…
The recipe is really simple and even if it could be difficult to decide to take a 4 days break, we must realise our body and mind limits and take care of ourselves. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but buying a flight ticket and booking an agrotourism in Mallorca is the best way to find happiness. A little indulgence from time to time is good for us. Let’s have a happy disconnection.