Coves of the southeast of Majorca

Cala d’Or is a locality of Santanyi, on the southeast of Majorca. It is one of the first coastal touristic sites built in the island, inaugurated in 1933 by a Minorcan who tried to bring the Minorcan architecture to Majorca. In this locality we find some of the most idyllic coves of the island, together with a yacht natural harbour and a wide variety of tourist attractions that will make your holidays an unforgettable experience. 

Cala Ferrera is a cove located only 2 km away from Cala d’Or but pertaining to Felanitx and one of the best coves of this southeast area of Majorca. It is a narrow and deep cove with a rocky and sandy area, surrounded by pine woods and crystal clear waters. The beach has a free parking, access for disabled people and recreational fishing is permitted. The beach has a high occupancy rate during summer, so we recommend you arrive soon in the morning if you want to spend a pleasant day in one of the best coves in Mallorca.

And if you want to enjoy a bath in the best swimming pools in Cala d’Or after a long beach day, you will be able to do that thanks to the services of the Marina Corfu Hotel, which include snacks in the swimming pool area, entertainment for all ages and all inclusive service.


In the centre of Cala d’Or we find Cala Llonga, a cove with a strategic location which had an important role in the landing of Bourbonist troupes in 1715. In fact, the strategic location of the cove was used to built a Sailing Club in the 60s and a yacht harbour surrounded by a promenade where you will find a series of restaurants, shops and in style bars. Close at hand from Cala Llonga we find the Marina Skorpios Hotel, an all inclusive family hotel. Make the most of the hotel offers in Cala d’Or and enjoy a sun & beach summer in Majorca.

Finally we wanted to recommend you the Calo de ses Egos, where the Marina Corfu Hotel lies, with direct access to the beach. It is a small cove with good access by road, free parking, showers, toilettes and restaurants. Do not hesitate and book one of the Marina Corfu Hotel rooms to enjoy the best southeast coves of Majorca.

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