Coral Restaurant: Canary Islands cuisine in Playa Blanca.

Travelling to the Canary Islands implies taking pleasure in its excellent cuisine savouring the most typical dishes and the innovation, variety and intensity of the most famous recipes. 

One of the places where you can taste the Canary Islands delicatessen without giving up the best international cuisine is the Coral Restaurant, which offers its services to the VIK Club Coral Beach Hotel and to its exclusive Coral Deluxe Villas on Blanca beach. 

With a Snach Bar in the pool area -with self-service- and a varied breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, this restaurant in Playa Blanca, close to the Coral Deluxe Villas, is the perfect complement to an accommodation especially designed for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family or couple. 

Daily show cooking, winter and summer timetable, a bar for you to have a drink in good company, celebrations and especial menus for Christmas and New Year’s Eve… The services of the Coral restaurant also include an inclusive plan especially designed for the hotel and the villas on Blanca beach guests.

The menu is always prepared with fresh products that are the hallmark of the season menu and that remind us of Fuerteventura mild weather and its eternal spring: papás arrugás, complete and varied salads, fresh fruit, grilled fish… A healthy and tasty way to combine pleasure holidays and gastronomy at the beachfront. 

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