Cavtat, southern Croatia

Croatia is a land that has the privilege of having two coasts: On one hand, its countless islands of varying size and great natural wealth and, on the other, the banks of the continent, much of which consists of forests and natural areas. If one travels it from north to south, all along the coast, the starting point should be the Istrian peninsula and travel hundreds of kilometres until reaching Cavtat, the southernmost city of the country.

Cavtat Croatia

Cavtat, belonging to the district of Dubrovnik, is a small town that offers visitors the appeal of its historic town centre and its beautiful beaches and coves. The city is very close to Plat and Soline, two other towns close to Dubrovnik, close to the border with Montenegro.

The centre of Cavtat is an architectonical jewel, world heritage, tradition and nobility: everyone who visits is astonished by the majesty of its walls and palaces, such as the Count of Reguseo, now transformed into a museum and the city library.

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As a holiday destination, Dubrovnik has always been a frequented by Italian travellers, but apart from their neighbours, the city has acquired relevance in the last decade, thanks to the awakening and development of tourist services in the country and the improvement of transport by air and sea to and from Spain.

The Hotels in Cavtat have also improved considerably and several Spanish hotel chains, like Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, already have several hotels in the area such as the Iberostar Albatros or the Iberostar Epidaurus.

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