The perfect anniversary gift: a Cancun vacation

40 years of marriage, now that needs to be celebrated!


I’m not even 40 years old, so the thought of 40 years of anything is foreign to me. However, my parents will be coming up on their 40th wedding anniversary this fall, and an amazing gift is in store. But what exactly? After rattling my brain of typical anniversary gifts, I finally landed on a once in a lifetime trip to one of their favorite countries: Mexico! But where in Mexico?


After some research, I landed on Cancun as the perfect destination due to its beauty, accessibility by plane and myriad of day trips to nearby heritage sites. But is Cancun safe? After recent headlines depicting both Mexico and Cancun as wargrounds for drug cartels, I had my doubts. However, I did my research and found that Cancun is not only safe, but a thriving tourist destination for Americans!

how safe is it to travel to cancun

While I have never actually been to Cancun (and neither have my parents), I was able to get great insight into what the current situation is like in the area from travel expert Mark Murphy and his TravelPulse video on Cancun and the Rivera Maya. He holds nothing back when exploring the true nature of the situation, what authorities are saying, what tourists themselves are saying and his own personal opinions.


After further researching the situation, reading countless forums and talking with some of my own friends who recently traveled to Cancun, I am happy to announce that my parents will be going to Cancun for a special anniversary vacation! While there is crime in the region, it happens well outside the Zona Hotelera and central tourism district of Cancun. Crime is almost exclusively between cartel members as well, and unless you venture off into the outskirts of the city you will be just as safe as you would be in your hometown. The American government has also issued a mere Level 2 travel advisory, which is also the same advisory for countries like Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. I concluded that if one uses common sense, just as they would in their hometown, there is no reason to worry when traveling to Cancun.


Have a wonderful trip Mom and Dad, you deserve it!

The best beach bars and beach clubs of the Costa de Calviá

According to real estate experts, few places in the world are as exclusive as the Mallorcan town of Calvia and especially its coast. Visited by thousands of mega yachts (which moor at impressive ports such as Portals and Port Adriano) and where the largest fortunes in the world reside. The coast of Calviá is also the base for some of the most beautiful beach bars and special, exclusive clubs on the island of Mallorca.

Decorated in light tones, in a rustic style and with sand from the beach underfoot, visiting these bars before sunset is a perfect idea for dreamers, romantics and solitary nature lovers. Where can you find the most beautiful? Today, we give you five names:

Il Chiringo of Palmanova

Palmanova’s “Playa Grande” is one of the first bars that came into being on the island of Mallorca. Il Chiringo is a place to feel at home, a beach bar resting on the sandy beach where you can eat paella with orange or drink really elaborate daiquiris. What’s best? Night-time when the place is filled with torches.

El Chiringuito

El Chiringuito

The Costa de la Calma beach bar

Taking its name from the area that houses it, the beach bar Costa de la Calma is one of the most beautiful and special on the island. Located on the rocks and with a breath-taking sunset, this place is the meeting point for the locals just as it is for those who’ve chosen it as a retreat.

Perseverantia Beach Club

Newly created in the Bay of Santa Ponsa (one of the most beautiful on the coast of Calviá) and with a high-class gourmet menu, the Perseverantia Beach Club is one of those places to fall in love with the island, its sea breeze and its people. Perfect for a romantic dinner or to meet friends, the place is open until the early hours of dawn.

Mood Beach

With its white slide, indoor pool and an amazing view of the beach cove of Costa d’En Blanes, the Mood Beach is one of the most exclusive beach clubs on the coast of Calviá. Sounds too good to be true?  Take a chance on seeing the place with a snack and a glass of champagne.

Campino, Es Carregador (Palmanova)

Halfway between a beach club and a beach bar, the Campino is the perfect blend of all the best that the Costa de Calvia has to offer. Located on the beach of Es Carregador (known as “la playa pequena” or small beach of Palmanova”), the place is perfect to go with family, friends or as a couple. It has a full menu of exquisite dishes, delicious desserts and a very desirable cocktail menu.

Hotels in Calvia for both big and small

Traveling as a couple, with friends or family; in the Calvia area there are hotels that cater perfectly for whatever we need and look for in our holidays. One of those chains that can boast of doing particularly well in the area is the Sol Hotels chain; a hotel chain that comprises the amazing Sol Katmandu Park Resort (designed for families) and Sol Beach House for those who prefer a vacation with friends.

Holidays in… Tenerife, Granada or Huelva

We continue with the top destinations of 2016. Exploring the Spanish geography, looking for different innovation options to design tailor made holidays. We leave aside big capitals to focus ontypicaltouristicdestinations, in which one always feels like being on holiday. Let’s go!


Let’s go far away in this beginning of 2016 and let’s organize an escape to The Canary Islands: it is not necessary to take more than 4 days free, but a traditional long weekend to discover Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the most charming cities of the fortunate islands. It is the Administrative capital in conjunction with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and it combines the charm of a traditional Canary city with the energy and liveness of the modern metropolis, dynamic and full of activities for all ages. Thanks to this island special weather, travellinginwinter monthsislike travelling directly to summer time. Temperatures are nice, without extreme heat ups and you can even see the dawn in a cloudy day.

We suggestyouto avoidtravellingduring carnival to take advantage of lower prices, unless you want to experience the magical energy of these February days in the city. End of January or even March are more affordable options, but take care because Easter holidays come early this year. Before travelling, take a look attheeventsagendaof Tenerife Auditorium, one of the most culturally active places of the capital.

We suggest you to indulge and treat yourself to a different accommodation experience. We find in Santa Cruz one of the oldest hotels in Spain, the Grand Mencey, a 5-star hotel in Tenerife, unique not just for its facilities (spa, gourmet restaurant, terrace bar, cooking class, suites, event venues…) but for its history, hosting many international celebrities.


It’ snow the best season to travel to Sierra Nevada. While it is not the best Winter for snow escapes, due to the nice temperatures all over Spain, organizing a friends’ getaway to Granada is always a good option, because the city itself provides a wide range of cultural plans, as well as spectacular landscapes that worth to be explored and enjoyed calmly.

Granada offers those who visit it for the first time a great amount of interesting places, monuments and sightseeing to walk by and take the required picture. In addition, the university and relaxingatmospheremakesitone of the best cities in Andalucía to go out and have fun in the morning or at night.Atapastouris a must, and it should include a visit to the traditional taverns of Los Diamantes,CasaEnrique, Castañeda wineries, Elrinconcilloor Los Martinetes in Realejo’s neighbourhood.

Staying in the centre of Granada is much more convenient, especially if we can just escape for a couple of days. We selected a different place for the snow vacation, a destination that has become a reference in Granada’s accommodation network, hotel Rumaykiyya, a 5-star hotel at the food of the slopes, in the Monachil’s neighbourhood Sol y Nieve, really close to Pradollano.

Vacaciones en Huelva


Sun, beach, natural environment, relax and high quality gastronomy… Beginning the new year in thiswayispriceless. It is so easy as taking 4 days to discover Costa de la Luz. Of course, Huelva is one of the top destinations of 2016, in particular Matalascañas in Almonte. It stands out for its spectacular and long Sandy beaches and it is one of the best places to travel with kids or in couple. It is full of firstleveltouristicservicesthat recently started a reconversion to a higher quality tourism with new leisure alternatives for all ages.

Faro’s walk, Matalascañas and Caño Guerrero beaches and of course Doñana’s National Park are some of the main attractions of the destination, unique for its traditional culture and delicious gastronomy and for its people always up to have fun and greet visitors. The weather is always nice even in windy days as the beaches become spectacular sceneries of huge waves to practice surf.

The holiday accommodations in this area of Costa de la Luz are different because of their services, prices and location. We decided to choose in this case a golf hotel in Matalascañas which provides a wide range of interesting services:  free Wi-Fi, gastronomic buffet, typical Andalusian bar, solarium terraces near the pool, parking…It’s called Fergus Cortijo Golf and room prices are really, specially booking in advance through the official Fergus Hotels website.

January deals to travel in 2016

We begin this new year suffering a monumental hangover of the parties andconstraintbudgets. January’s empty pockets in Spain are liketurronesat Christmas, the essential ingredient for the season. Tired of dinners, compromises and family (unfortunately we all have a brother-in-law or equivalent), we must stay at home, making huge efforts to save, an action completely forgotten at parties and binge drinking. This is not the end of the world, as more and more people survives Christmas easily, not really for most of us…We must admit.

For those of us who lived Christmas like there was no tomorrow, January sales arrived and tourism industry has an interesting opportunity we should grasp. Even if it sounds crazy, now is the best moment to book our 2016 holidays: it’s the best time for Early Booking.

We talked many times about booking your holidays in advance in these pages as it is already a classic. Even if domestic tourism is increasingly taking advantage of these deals: British and Nordic people havegreater traditionof booking in advance, maybe because of their almost genetic punctuality and natural order. A typical Spaniard is always immersed in chaos like fish in the water, short-sighted and taking much more time to decide whether to make the best trip of the year or go to town and relax. This is not surprising because fortunately, those of us who live in Spain can enjoyparadisiacalholiday destinations at justfew hoursby car and spending very little money (many people has its own house in front of the sea or its grandparents’ house in CostadeLevante, Mallorca or Andalucia).

However, these traditional aspects are being lost in the current society because of the increasing number of people without this opportunity.  We can notice that on the amount of Spanish people running for hotel early booking offers that main hotel chains publishinthese times.

In 2016, promotions in Andalucia, Canarias and Mallorca hotels are the best. While hotels in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and other trendy cities hold steady their prices, beach resorts in Fuerteventura, charming hotels in the Catalonian coast or even, the hotels in Playa de Palma (a traditional holiday area in Mallorca) offer great seafront accommodation discounts  up to 30% or 40% in the early months of the year. Some of them apart from this reducedrate add special services for the same price, which allow us to enjoy a much more complete and luxurious vacation spending significantly less money, compared to those accommodation prices in Spring.


Early Booking is not just about hotel lower prices, but we must also remark: at the beginning of the yeartheoffer and the variety is muchmore highashotelsoccupancy -although some of them maintain part of their occupancy from year to year- is very low.  In this way, it is possible to book a superior room or even a suite for the same Price tan lately a double standard room will have. In fact, this is the advantage of being the first to book our holidays: the chance to choose freely.

Family hotels in Lanzarote , boutique hotels in Mallorca, luxury resorts in Tenerife, golf hotels in Chiclana, Cádiz… The accommodationoffer together with early booking promotions is really high and stands out specially onchildren holiday packages, as they can easily organize in advance their travel dates at the end of the school term. It is also very important to know how to search a hotel in advance because even if taking the advantage of knowing holiday dates in advance, they coincide with hotels high season in summer, when kids do not go to school.


In order to attract and compete with higher sales margin, family hotels in destinations like Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Mallorca, Almeria, Eastern coast, Costa Brava or some urban hotels include Early Booking and children free promotions, which bring parents more options for the same Price. Therefore, they can afford to visit first level destinations without jeopardizing their savings. Moreover, family holidays could result cheaper than a relaxing holiday for couples or a friends’ getaway.

We recommend you to take enough time to search and compare destinations and hotels, so as to make the most of hotels early booking discounts. The best option is visiting official hotel chain websites, which we find more interesting because of their location, their guarantees or their services. For years, the most of them havepotentiateda change by offering lowest guaranteed prices on their websites. Even lower than travel agencies and deal websites. The key: hotel saves intermediary’s commission and thus can offer the same room at a reduced price, earning the same or even more money.

However, in some cases thesedealwebsites reduce the prices significantly as they already bought the occupancy and want to place it totally on the market. That is why historical hotel chains like Iberostar Hotels & Resorts have a standard rule maintained all year round, which always guarantees the best price on their websites. If customers find a better Price on another website, they are committed to match them and also add 5% discount to meet their commitment of best rate on their website.