The concept of boutique hotel vs design hotel in Spain

Boutique hotels are the new must for all those travellers who are in fashion. They are accommodations devoted to the guest, with personalised services and design spaces as their main hallmark. Even more important than the destination in itself, in some cases.

Boutique hotels are the place to stay. Forever. It looks like a campaign slogan, but all those who have visited a boutique hotel will agree with us: they are hotels where to enjoy a unique and personal experience. A hidden refuge that will allow you to discover the destination in a really special way.

The concept of boutique hotel —so trendy today— refers to accommodations with really specific characteristics which make them so special and different one to the other. They have in common some general features:

  • They are small.

  • They have architectural charm.

  • They have a special location, not necessarily central.

  • They have just a few rooms, all of them different one to the other andoffering uniquenessintheir spaces.

  • Prices are not excessively high, but they do not normally include much more than the accommodation, the breakfast at most.

  • They are more common in urban settings than in beach areas, although many are located in villages and protected natural areas.

  • The personalised customer service, the original design and fine furnishings are three of their basic pillars.

As it can be inferred from these features, the boutique hotel has little to do with traditional hotels. We could say they are more authentic. However, in many cases it is a well-thought authenticity. Boutique hotels sell spontaneity and naturalness, romanticism and history… But the great demand of hotels of experiences, and more specifically of boutique hotels, has led greatchainsto take the opportunity to inaugurate new spaces we prefer to call design hotels than boutique hotels. Why?

Because a boutique hotel should be…

  • Family owned and run, despite being luxury and exclusive, and should bear the mark of past generations.

  • They should not have more than 25-30 rooms, although we are now turning a blind eye and some have more than 75.

The fact that it is not an authentic boutique hotel and it is a design hotel should not be a problem. On the contrary: many people prefer the second option becauseservicesare more professional, it offers more guaranties, and amenities are well-thought and standardised, so undesired surprises are avoided.

This type of hotel is represented by hotels of chains like Petit Palace (a Basque hotel chain characterised for restoring emblematic buildings of the city and creating a 4-star design hotel for modern and active travellers) or many of the urban hotels of Vincci Hotels. Some of these would be the Vincci Capitol, located in the centre of Madrid, in the heart of Gran Via, in the building of the emblematic cinema theatre; the Vincci Zaragoza Zentro, a complete design hotel in a city of medium size; and the Vinci Albayzín, a charming hotel in the heart of the magical and beautiful city of Granada.

What can we demand from a design hotel?

We cannot demand the same authenticity andhistory wedemand from a boutique hotel, but we can require charming spaces that provide us with warm and unique sensations. We can demand that the hotel provides us with the exclusivity we would not find at a normal city hotel.

In this sense, the architecture is essential. For this reason, hotel chains which bet for design hotelsusually takeadvantage of old and emblematic buildings of the city, not only for their location, generally central, but also for their beauty. It is also important that the restoration works are of the highest quality. They have to be professional, they must be visible in the building’s facade and they have to preserve the essence of the historic building and what it represented in society.

The interior design is the second pillar of a good design hotel. Forget about a hotel with Ikea furnishings or alike. Although they are stylish and minimalist, a good design hotel cannot resort to Ikea furnishings or alike for its interior design. The furniture is an essential element of the experience at the hotel, so it must be formed by unique, surprising, different and exclusive pieces. It is common to resort to vintage and second-hand pieces which contrast with the most modern furniture d’auteur. There are endless options of styles, but the results are always interesting. A good example of this is the Vincci The Mint, a hotel in the centre ofMadrid which represents the idea of a fresh, funny, cool and modern accommodation from its common areas to its rooms.

We have to assume that attending 10 rooms is easier than attending 50 or even 100 rooms. So although at a design hotel we miss the closeness and familiarity we find at a boutique hotel betweenownerand guest, the distance at a design hotel can be an advantage: more intimacy, more privacy, less bounds. In any case, both the customer service and the amenities will be more personal than in large hotels and much more customised. Of course, at designhotelsloyalty is greater. As well as the benefits.

Relax plans: spa hotels in the north of Majorca

Majorca and the Balearic Islands are popular relax destinations where to enjoy the quiet atmosphere, the sun, the beach and delicious Mediterranean food, disconnect, dance all night long at exclusive parties…and northern Majorca offers the maximum relax at its amazing spa hotels. These new hotels are perfectly renewed and are perfect for a relaxing and healthy holiday.

Main spa benefits

Jacuzzi and heated waters must always be included at spas, but also massages and relax therapies

We can find 4 groups of benefits:

  1. Beauty: hydro-massage techniques, facial massages or specific skin treatments are essential for you to look perfect in summer. These treatments have usually Asian origins.

  2. Physical health: many body injuries are caused by stress. We accumulate tension in our neck and lumbar vertebrae. For this reason, we suggest you a weekend getaway to a spa hotel in Majorca, where certified professionals specializes in posture restoration in order you to face your following summer holidays.

  3. Emotional health: constant stress is the main cause of depression and illness. We accumulate tension and we must stop this if we want to avoid body injuries and pain. For this reason, spa hotels are great to disconnect from everything and indulge yourself.

  4. Love and family relationships: spend some time with your beloved ones, avoid tensions, forget about daily routines…all these and much more in the north of Majorca with spectacular sea views.

Northern Majorca is easily accessible, affordable and safe for kids. It’s perfect for a friends getaway or a romantic escape: sea, mountains, gourmet gastronomy and relax. This side of the island offers us the best spa hotels in Majorca.

    1. Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa, in Playa de Muro, Alcudia. A fabulous 4-star hotel offering excellent guest services.

    2. Hotel & Spa Ferrer Concord

    3. Son Brull Hotel & Spa

Hotel rooms Playa Garden hotel

Hotel rooms Playa Garden hotel

Mojácar, beach and tradition destination

You probably never heard before of this little shore town, that when you hear the word Mojácar it’s like hearing something in Mandarin Chinese, It is a touristic destination full of possibilities, it may not be inside the regular touristic destinations, but that is precisely what makes it unique and interesting.

Mojácar is a simple town, full of history, tradition and life, it has 17 km of incredible beaches perfect to spend the summer in Almería, and it’s close to the spectacular Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Some of the best beaches are the Marina de la Torre –right at the town border- El Descargador, Las Ventanicas, El Cantal, La Venta and La Cueva del Lobo.

Mojacar, Almeria

Mojacar, Almeria

It is also a family and couple destination. In general, we can say that it’s ideal for those who want to take a break and go to a quiet, comfortable place surrounded by nature (with excellent services) the roads access are great and the accommodation in the centre of Mojácar as well as the coastal area are comfortable and affordable.

One of the most emblematic hotels in Mojácar is the FERGUS Style Palacio Mojácar Spa, a four star accommodation next to the Mojácar beach, only 5km away from the old town and near the golf course or the area. It also features some special services to make you enjoy a relaxing and amusing trip with those you travel with, since it has couple as well as children services, elderly people and groups of friends. In fact, It has one of the most complex spa in all the Almería coast and the most exclusive and comfortable suites in Mojácar.

This hotel has a magical touch since it was built on the palace of the Marquis de Chávarri, an old building full of history and style turning it into a  patrimonial place you shouldn’t miss.

Wellness tourism is gaining momentum

Wellness tourism, is a sub segment of the so-called health tourism, it’s a market that has been growing incredibly during the past years in Spain that it turned into one of the star products that almost every 4 or 5 star hotel include in their services

Not having the proper equipment in order to offer a wellness plan in your hotel implies, nowadays, being out of an emerging market niche that will continue growing according to worldwide experts in tourism making important contributions in health, which is Spain’s main economic engine.

A study made by the Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation (EOI) and the State Secretary of Tourism confirmed that “There is another growing demand (especially in the centre of Europe) about the search of preventive health care or recovery treatments programs during holiday” we’re talking about wellness tourism, the growing service among the Spain hotels since the past years.

The study talks about some of the main characteristics of this segment is to offer services known as “medical wellness” in the world that include therapies and treatments for all those who want to take advantage of their holidays and recover from disease, surgeries, or illness, generally, mild, or well treat any ailment, get a dietician advice and psychological therapies.

The EOI study concludes that “Wellness tourism has been growing really fast in Spain, we can say that it has become an important business industry, the reason may be that it perfectly combines with other services such as sunny day, cultural guides, etc.“ It also points out that, evidently, numbers match with this tendency: in 2011 only the Spain hotel industry, specialized centres of wellness and thalassotherapy invoiced around 3.250 million of euros.

Our customers come mainly from a different country and they prefer all inclusive hotels in Marbella, luxury resorts in Majorca and spa hotels in Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote, since these are the locations with the best weather and beaches from the country where the wellness tourism offer is larger. Most of the customers come from Germany looking for this sub-segment; as they have agreements for sanitary measures that subsidise part of the treatments.

When we talk about spa and wellness holiday we usually demand quality hotels or health resorts built in hot springs zones. North of Spain is our first guess in order to find hot springs as well as the Lleida Pyrenees but referring to Wellness hotels, Majorca and Andalusia and Canary coasts have a major demand and a established offer. This gives us the customers a benefit when we choose them: having a lot of spa hotels in Tenerife with a competitive market, made the wellness accommodation more affordable, this in an opportunity to any kind of customer to enjoy this delightful experience.