September news for Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

The month of September brings some interesting news for Mencey’s Cookery Classroom. The summer holidays are coming to an end for many,however there is a large number of lucky people that will enjoy their holidays this month, and there is no better place to do so than the island of Tenerife.

The Grand Hotel Mencey and its gastronomic space inaugurates a new terrace, the Bacardi Terrace. It is situated within the hotel complex, in an area especially designed for guests to enjoy an incomparable setting. The Bacardi Terrace will be opened every day from 13.00 to 23.00 and guests will be able to enjoy the best mojitos on the island for only 5€.

Another important news arethe new evening menus of the restaurant and terrace of Los Laureles. The menus have been created to include local produce and the latest international gastronomic tendencies. Designed to enjoy the best gastronomic experience in Tenerife in a relaxed and comfortable ambience. The restaurant will beopened everyday from 19.30 to 23.00.

During the month of September Mencey’s Cookery Classroom will not ne holding any cooking courses, however, those who crave a delicious gastronomic experience can do so at the Terrace of Los Laurels and its Special Rice degustation menu, that includes Los Laureles salad, the rice dish of the week, dessert and water or sangria. The price is only 35€ for adults and 16€ for children.

Regarding the themed nights, there are two dates that you do not want to miss. The first of all is the following 11th of September, and the theme will be Mexican food. Enjoy the most authentic Mexican dishes such as nachos, burritos, flautas, fajitas and much more!

The themed night on the 25th of September will focus on ceviches and tartars, and some examples include cherne ceviche with cilantro, pompano with tropical mango or tuna tartar with old mustard. Both nights will have live music, from 19.00 to 23.00, only at Mencey’s Lounge.

September holidays, the best destinations

September is our favourite month forholiday. Yes, all of you who are reading this from your office have made the right decision, even if August never seems to end, don’t give up, the best is yet to come and this year seems to be full of offers and good deals. Indeed, travel in September has many, many advantages:

  • Beaches allfourourselves, no crowd or parking issues

  • Less high temperatures, not suffocating heats, some summer storms to add some fun when you are on the beach, letting you practice different sports that would be a nightmare in August.

  • Best pricesinhotels, less crowded andbestservices.

  • Less dangerous roads, since there are less distracted tourists.

  • Restaurants with terraces always available without long queues.

  • Museums, theatres, cinemas and concert halls full scheduled, with a fresh air, and a new starting season.

  • Special events: Wine harvest festival, agricultural festival, fashion shows.

  • The pleasant awareness of enjoying all of this while others will have to wait a whole year.

There are thousands of reasons why we, the September travellers deserve to enjoy after going through all the beach photos, the paellas and evening parties during the whole summer. It’s time for vengeance, but, where to go? Here we have a little selection of destinations that are better to visit in September (or even October) than August:

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza


The Mediterranean islands are almost mandatory and September is the perfect time to visit them: In Ibiza you will have the opportunity to enjoy the season closing parties of the best clubs in the world with the best of electronic music, besides you won’t have to leave all the island activities behind, and enjoy the coves without people, the beach bars only for you, the shops, the bars. The crowd may have left anoisesensation behind, but despite being an island full of tourists and hubbub, September is way much better than August

Majorca has the same situation or even better. This large Balearic Island is a September paradise thanks to its weather and atmosphere. The tourism left is calmer, wealthy travellers or backpackers looking for adventures, new experiences and relaxation.Beachesget empty and the Mediterranean water become incredibly crystal clear, and warm to spend hours floating around. If a downpour pass by is a blessing. Sign up for a hiking route, or some gastronomic fair, or visit Binissalem and enjoy the traditional grape harvest.

To book in a hotel, both the Ibiza hotels and the Majorca resorts and hotels lower their prices noticeably. You have several options inside both islands, if you want a quiet well located Ibiza hotel, book in Santa Eularia hotel, an Es Canar hotel, or nearby. But if you prefer to party, den Bossa beach or Sant Antoni are your choices. If you want to know different places, rent a car or a bike and you’re ready to go. Something you cannot miss is the old Ibiza town (Dalt Vila) and the Benirrás and Es Vedrà.

To choose a hotel in Majorca is a little more complicated due to the large variety. To spend a relaxation beach holiday, we recommend you to book in any of the Playa de Muro resorts that have different traveling packages according to your travel plans or to book closer to the capital: A rel=”nofollow”lcudia hotels to stay with children, Costal de la Calma hotels to travel with pets, spa hotels for couples in Palma beach, and Playa de Muro hotels for athletes.

Calella, Costa de Barcelona

Calella, Costa de Barcelona


For those who want to stay in the peninsula, since you can rent a car and go anywhere you want without any worries, the Barcelona coast –all the Maresme area- is a great plan in September. Not a trace leftfromthe mainstream tourism, towns still areona festive way, with all the delicious activities and the perfect beaches. Gastronomy is essential here, since all the traditional Catalan cuisinearea pleasing to the palate.

The Maresme accommodation is another important detail. Prices are really affordable by these date and the hotel range in Calella, Pineda de Mar or Santa Susanna is endless, in addition to that, Barcelona is not far from there and the city cultural schedule in September is excellent.

Actually, some event hotels in Barcelona hang the fully booked sign, so if you want to make the most of your stay you can spend a couple of days in a hotel in the centre of Barcelona and go shopping or go to a concert. But remember, accommodation prices don’t reduce during the year.

Alojamiento en el centro de Madrid

Alojamiento en el centrodeMadrid


Yes, Why not? The Spain capital is one of the best worldwide destinations to have days full of new experiences. Sadly, there’snotbeach around, but September is a month full of life in the city: There are tons of activities that you won’t even remember the sea. Some urban holiday can be a complete different option but you might discover that, in the end, you need not many things to disconnect, have fun and even relax: sometapasin the market of San Miguel or in the wine cellars in La Latina, Terraces in Malasaña, shopping in Fuencarral, a walk by the Manzanares river bank or a bicycle ride toCasadeCampo park, a VIP premiere, a theatre play, a musical or a gourmet dinner.

The accommodation in Madrid is cheaper than Barcelona but, since it’s a destination not affected by season like some beach destinations, there aren’t many September offers. On top of that is relatively easy to find a decent hotel in Madrid with very affordable prices. Among them the design hotel in Gran Vía known as Las Letras stand out, thanks to its restaurant and its breath-taking rooftop, you can also boast about your Madrid trip, staying in a hotel in Puerta del Sol, or a hotel in Plaza Mayor, with some advantages like the high quality buildings and its quality service: 10 of 10


Both if you choose the capital as much as if you choose a sun and beach experience in Costa Adeje, September is the best month to travel. The same thing happens to Majorca and Ibiza: right after the August throng, the island begins to get back to normal little by little and the tranquillity returns. That is the perfect time to catch a fly and visit this volcanic island to have a daily adventure: Hiking, surf, sailboat, fishing, swimming with dolphins, walking down Santa Cruz, dive in the calm beaches, and enjoy the local cuisine.

The Tenerife hotels are varied, from little hostels or apartments, perfect for short breaks and travellers who want to spend most of their time out of the hotel, to 5 star spa hotels in Tenerife, like the renowned Grand Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz or El Mirador an Adults Only hotel in Costa Adeje. Prices will be lower compared to August (quite lower) and they usually include some comfortableplus.

Hotels for hipsters, modern and cool people

I am modern because the world has made me that way… And it is fashionable.  Yes, modern people, hipsters, cool people, call them as you want. They are many, they move, travel and this has made that hotels look at  them… and grow a beard.

We say it with a smirk, but it is truth: we live in a society with a syndrome of belonging to a group, raised to the highest power, where fashions and trends spread like wildfire in all social classes and strata.

Fashions, urban tribes, categorizations, generalizations, people, habits and tastes. I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member, said Groucho Marx. But finally we all feel identified with a series of things that make us feel as a part of a group, clan or club where we can have a good time with people like us and, at the same time, feel unique and different from everyone.

When we travel, clearly, the situation is similar: we want to travel to places adapted to our tastes, where we can find options to feel ourselves, where we can share moments and histories with other people that also enjoy the same.  But people different from the rest.

In fact, the tourist trade has always worked for different types of publics. This tendency is becoming stronger in the last years, creating a deeper specialization: a hotel for every type of traveller.  Adults Only hotels, hotels for children, hotels for events, hotels for seniors, hotels for sport lovers… And of course, hotels for modern people, for all new tribes that love to travel and enjoy the good services. Lifelong gourmets. Yes, they can now enjoy options such as design hostels (such as the international Generator chain) or hotels such as Fergus Magaluf Resort, Opera Garden Hotel in Barcelona or Catalonia Barcelona Plaza.

All these modern, dynamic and well decorated hotels with last generation services are their favourite ones. Bright spaces to relax, furniture combining vintage style with top quality technology, good gastronomy, flexible and personalised schedules, music, parties and specially, select atmosphere. The modern ambience, which everyone wants to make part of.

How is a modern hotel?

Specific design: The most important factor, as we have mentioned before, is a special and different design. Details with which public feels identifies, and want to photograph and share.  Because one of the most relevant things is that: to share, show and boast. No one else better than the guest to spread by word of mouth “I have been here. Haven’t you? I can’t believe it!” Creating in the user the need to share the place where he stays is winning the battle (or the war).

Innovative services: Always more and better. Staying in a hotel with free wifi in Madrid is basic and essential. Now guests also ask for rooms with laptops next to Puerta del Sol. Even with iPad. If you also provide free bicycles to travel the destination, chill out areas to contemplate a nice view (hotels with rooftop in Madrid are some of the most sought after nowadays) or a restaurant with a renowned chef, success is almost assured.

Personalised rooms: Every room different from the rest, with a motivation or a phrase defining the thread of the experience. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, room has to give the guest the feeling of being in a space that has been specially designed for him.

Themed entertainment: If you provide something for your guests’ entertainment, it must be something with which they feel identified or even, the deciding factor in their decision. Live concerts of attractive groups, special parties, DJ sessions, gastronomic experiences, plans to discover the destination in an original way…


Early booking offers

One of the best ways to save money in holiday is by being far-sighted and tidy. Planning holiday dates, destination and accommodation long in advance is the key to find trip offers in areas such as Majorca, Costa Dorada, the Canary Islands or Andalusia, which usually begin the summer season fully booked.

The last minute offer is not as attractive as before:  the last attempt to cover the remaining rooms, which aren’t usually the best equipped ones. In fact, last minutes offers are only applied in specific rooms, you cannot choose, change or get a refund, with draconian conditions in fine print that you sometimes discover too late. So, heaven becomes hell.

It is essential to choose calmly, but in advance. We must have clear from the beginning the destination, because this will allow us to organize the transport, and take advantage of flight offers, for example. Likewise, we must consider if we want to rent a car, many hotels include accommodation + car packages that could be very affordable, especially if we want an active trip, with friends, family or as a couple, with different visits to parks and beaches that are not close to the hotel…

The accommodation is one of the most important elements. Most of the hotels in Majorca, the Canary Islands, Levante, Andalusia and the hotels in the Catalonian coast take advantage of these first months of the year to offer special early booking rates to the users of their websites. This habit is directly related to the fact that European tourists usually book their holidays and accommodation during January and February. Some offers from hotels in Minorca, Ibiza and even Tenerife can be extended until March, but in that month the rooms and accommodation boards are more limited.

Family hotel in Lanzarote

Family hotel in Lanzarote

Early booking is an opportunity to get affordable holidays in luxury hotels and destinations. So, you can book 5-star hotels in Santa Cruz, such as the Grand Hotel Mencey, at 4-star prices, without giving up to a single detail or comfort. In these 4 and 5-star hotels you can get a better price-quality relationship. Likewise, family resorts in areas such as Lanzarote or Almeria coast offer special packages where the most outstanding fact is not the price, but the many advantages a rate includes.


It is not the same situation with the hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville, urban hotels where the seasons don’t exist and early booking is just defined by the quantity of days or months until the chosen date. Nevertheless, early booking in hotels in the centre of Palma is possible, since, although they are urban hotels, they are located in an area which depends on seasons.

Some hotels for children give you the possibility of enjoying a preference at the time of choosing the most exclusive rooms when book in advance, getting discounts for the hotel restaurants, or gift vouchers for leisure and sport activities.

Hotels with children activities

Hotels with children activities

In any case, it is important to read all the conditions of the reservation before making it, tell the establishment if something is not enough clear in the texts we have read on the website, and ask everything we consider necessary for having a normal holiday. What does All-Inclusive really include? Which is the added value of a deluxe, superior or premium room? When can you use the food and dinner vouchers in the restaurants? Over which dates is the discount valid? Everything we need to know, although it seems to be obvious, it could be useful when we decide and choose a really affordable holiday for 2015.

Let’s go to the carnival!

February would be a really sad month if it weren’t the time of the year when one of the most amusing and extravagant celebrations is celebrated. February is synonymous with carnival, and carnival means laughs, fancy dresses, music and dance nights, parades, surprises and everything you could imagine. In Spain, the carnival is one of the favourite celebrations and, although in many places the tradition has disappeared, in other places it is still one of the must visit events in winter.

This is the case of the Canary Islands, where the carnival is the essence of the people. This is why these carnivals, along with the Rio carnival, are the most famous in the world. Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote… All the islands, to a greater or lesser extent, celebrate a continuous party which extends until almost the end of March. Besides the traditional parades and the election of the queens and kings of the carnival, in all the towns of the Canary Islands we can enjoy all types of cultural activities. If we also bear in mind the wonderful temperature of the archipelago, few destinations are better to plan an amusing and affordable trip in February.

One of the most interesting options is to stay in a hotel in the centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is celebrated. Nevertheless, finding an affordable room in Santa Cruz at this point is difficult. This is why we should analyze more the destinations and opt for a coastal area. After all, in this island everything is relatively close if you rent a car.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salome

Spa hotel in Tenerife, along with family hotel in Costa Adeje represent a good opportunity since it is still low season in beach areas and hotels have many available rooms at affordable prices. So much so that you can book a hotel with Jacuzzi in Tenerife from 41 Euros per night.  In the south of the island we also find the best family resorts in Tenerife, perfect for those in search of family plans in the middle of the carnival ambiance in Santa Cruz.

However, the carnival is not only celebrated in this city. For those who want to visit a different island from Tenerife, Fuerteventura is always a good alternative. The area of hotels in Playa de Jandía is one of the liveliest areas during the carnival because of its nearness to the fishing village Morro Jable, which will allow you to enjoy one of the most authentic carnivals, although they are less crowded than in Santa Cruz or Gran Canaria. This has many advantages if you travel with children, since the crowds are not very recommended if you want to have a good time with the kids.

As for accommodation, we have many options: there are some of the most complete spa hotels in Fuerteventura, as well as resorts next to Playa del Matorral, Playa Gaviotas or Costa Calma.

The activities, like in Costa Adeje, are more varied: there we won’t only enjoy big night parties with friends, but also sport activities, carnivals for children, fancy dresses workshops, traditional customs exhibitions, art and photography exhibitions… A complete pack for a winter holiday week. Who want to go?!

Palma de Majorca: beyond sun, sand and sea

The ghost of the deseasonalization has returned tapping his heels through the corridors of the Ministry of Tourism. Knock, knock, knock.  He is loaded down with proposals, with a bag of broken promises accumulated over the years and wrinkles on the forehead caused by a reality that runs counter to the words that fill the breast of many politicians. Without going any further, a few days ago, the Balearic Government invested 3 billion Euros for 2015 in a range of 158 projects to promote tourism in the islands, focused on showing the destination as an alternative to the traditional and hackneyed sun and beach.

While we speak of deseasonalizing, the most visited areas in the islands close the season earlier and earlier, taking advantage of just enough summer, although in years such as this 2014 the sun and heat have been present well into November. But now there is a city suggesting ways to change: Palma de Majorca. This capital is getting up to date to attract tourists seeking alternatives to the traditional sun-sea-sand.  Cultural schedule with events aimed at international audience, hotels in the centre of Palma with boutique aesthetics and close to the concept of “experiential hotels”, as is the case of Catalonia Majorica, just in front of the sea on the Paseo Marítimo in Palma. Moreover, the offer is complemented with new luxury shops, urban spa and sports centres … It is only an initiative that needs to be consolidated but, of course, it must be considered.

Palma de Majorca Cathedral

The rest of Majorca remains stuck in the sun and beach. Nevertheless, some towns like Binissalem or Alcudia have identified their strengths (oenology and sport, in order of importance) and have developed a tourism program that can give people something to talk about all year round. Moreover, this schema change entails a necessary strengthening of the most deep-rooted and home-made local industry, recovering traditions that sun and beach had eclipsed.

Gastronomic tours around wine villages of the island, golf tourism promoted by luxury resorts on the outskirts of Palma, with golf courses; cycling in the north of Majorca, the culture and nightlife in Palma, the wellness breaks headed by Adults Only hotels with top level spa services… All them can be considered signs of change to which the administration seems to want to contribute.

However, according to the Ministry of Tourism, the focus remains very much centred in major markets (German and British), and in the recovery of national tourism market. A Spanish market that, according to data provided by the Government, has already improved 10% in 2014 compared to 2013.

What is essential is not to consider tourists as part of a market based on nationalities and try to understand the motivations that may lead to a traveler, whatever his country of origin, choosing Majorca and, specifically, Palma to spend his holiday or plan his escapades.

With the advantage of being at just two hours from almost any European city, the Palma’s administration should work on attracting all those travellers who do not plan their holiday as an awesome month of sun and beach on the Mediterranean with the whole family wearing an All-inclusive bracelet. The decision is up to the travellers, those who want a destination to spend a long holiday without fixed budget, with the intention of making the most of those 4 or 5 days, trying new experiences and feeling they are part of that destination.

Majorica Convention Centre

These travelers progressively increase their expenses, they usually prefer high quality services. They often opt for booking rooms in the centre of Palma with an upper-middle category or 4 – 5 stars hotels in the surroundings of the capital, such as Illetas, Cala Major, Son Vida and Son Antem. Playa de Palma is still focused on mass tourism, but we must recognize the efforts of private industry which, in the last two years, has invested in refurbishing several hotels in the area, improving their category and specializing them. In this sense, stand out hotels such as Iberostar Royal Cupido, converted into an Adults Only hotel with beach club, brunch, cocktails with afterwork sessions and events to attract not only those coming from other countries but also the residents seeking new spaces for their free time.

Family holidays are more difficult to deseasonalize (but not impossible). Children are the ones who set the agenda and the holiday season, which is usually Summer. Therefore, although many hotels for children in Majorca have done a good refurbishing and renewal of its product, the end of the summer season usually marks the end of the holiday: if children are in school, parents cannot travel. It’s that simple. Even though, they have increased their business income by improving their hotel category: higher added value, higher price. And it seems that travelers visiting Majorca are willing to pay that extra benefit, provided that it is indeed an extra benefit.

VIP hotels boom in Palma

Palma de Majorca is and has been one of the most renowned places in the entire world as far as holiday cities are concerned. Nevertheless, after the 60´s – 70´s golden age and its massive democratisation -along with the medium class growing and enrichment- this destination has lost the image of exclusiveness, glamour and luxury, and has become a city more related to family tourism and medium purchasing power.

The strong competition in the Mediterranean against other treasures such as Capri, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, Crete… and its stagnation in a comfortable way of life marked this slow fall in the last decades.  Just some places are reserved to the high standing tourism (Sierra de Tramuntana, Cabo Formentor, some places in Ses Salines and the surroundings of Palma and Calvià: 5 star hotels in Son Vida, golf resorts in Son Antem and Bendinat…).

In the last 5 years, this tendency seems to have changed and, with the crisis enriching the richest, and impoverishing the medium class, VIP hotels have proliferated in Majorca, specially in the urban centre of Palma. Now we find boutique hotels in the old quarter of the city (Can Cera, Santa Clara…), hotels for events in Paseo de Majorca,  and even lifelong hotels with new interesting proposals, as for example Palacio Avenida Hotel, Costa Azul Hotel in El Marítimo…

 Paladium Hotel in Palma de Majorca

The project is clear and objectives are established: offering personalised attention, design spaces with modern services, up-to-date technology and original décor, generally related to the destination where they are located.

The investment is considerable, since quality and detailed elements that attract guests are the main components, all this combined with a privileged location in the city or in the chosen tourist area. This has an impact on prices, which are usually higher than in other hotels with the same category. However, the added value is even higher and is worth it, especially for those who want to live a special and different accommodation experience.

The tendency of opening this type of hotels in Majorca has also arrived to spa hotels in Playa de Palma, such as Royal Cupido, one of the most modernised resorts of IBEROSTAR, very related to this style of VIP accommodations in Palma. Out of the Balearic capital, we can also find other interesting examples, especially the spa hotels in Santa Ponsa, between Calvià and Andratx.

Golf, spa and children: the fashionable combination

Golf, spa and children are the formula for guaranteed success nowadays in the tourism trade of Spain. Opening or turning a hotel in Torremolinos, Canary islands or Balearic Islands into a golf hotel is almost a synonymous of success: although the market has currently a really complete offer for these sectors, it is truth that all of them are in great demand, and these specialized accommodations have captivated the public and attracted those customers who, maybe more sporadically, decide to try.

Hotels targeted at sport tourism or medical tourism, as for example a spa hotel in Fuerteventura or a spa hotel in Santa Ponsa (Majorca), are more and more important on consumer’s mind. They represent, in fact, one of the most sought after and profitable tourism sectors. In accordance with the data of the last Medical & Wellness Tourism Summit celebrated at the end of last year in New Delhi, the figures of this world business was 439 millions of dollars, estimating that, in the next 4 years, turnover figures reach 678 millions of dollars: 16% of world tourism turnover.

IBEROSTAR Hotels & resorts

The third most relevant public in tourism are still the children. Like in other business niches such as clothes and accessories, food or health, the holidays with children are and will be one of the most attractive sectors. Parents always look for the best for their children and spare no expense when they choose an accommodation to stay with the little ones. Comfort, good connections, safety, adapted spaces and services allowing to enjoy the free time while kids have fun are the keys of a good hotel for children in any destination of the world.

Hotels in Majorca for children and family resorts in Tenerife, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura are some of the best examples in this sense. In all these classic destinations, they have seen the need for specialized accommodations adapted to the requirements of modern families: more common areas and specific services for every member of the family to enjoy their well-deserved holiday.

It is here where these three concepts converge: What is better than a spa & golf hotel with services for children? Although it is not usual, there are more and more hotel chains offering at least one of their accommodations with these characteristics. For example the spa hotel close to Palma managed by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, its golf hotel in Chiclana or the hotels next to MotoGP circuit in Jerez managed by Barceló. All of them are conceived of to meet the needs and tastes of all types of travellers, so the accommodation is perfect for those who travel as a couple and want privacy, as well as for those who want to enjoy a holiday with friends or a couple of days with children, away from the routine.

They are hotels characterised by having 4 and 5-star category, located in top level tourism enclaves, with a wide and natural environment where they can design different experiences: golf courses, beaches, hiking or bike routes… Besides, the areas of rooms, apartments or villas are usually well divided in order to guarantee to the guests the atmosphere they are looking for.

The prices of these spa & golf resorts for children are medium-high, but most of them offer special packages with affordable accommodation offers if you book in advance or with All Inclusive. Rates vary depending on the destination: Ibiza, Majorca, Marbella and the Canary Islands are the more expensive ones, and urban destinations are more affordable.

Last minute or early booking

Last minute or early booking? Well, it depends on the situation. The truth is that, if we can, the best thing we can do is to take advantage of Early Booking hotel offers, since it allows us to book with more flexibility than last minute offers.  Savings are similar, maybe higher in last minute hotel deals, but you can only have the possibility of choosing your holiday as you want if you are far-sighted.  A last minute bargain will only allow you to book and that’s all, without choosing a type of room or accommodation: you take what remains.  That is why it is cheap.

It is true that last minute discounts at hotels in the centre of Madrid or Barcelona could even represent 30%, and some last minute offers at hotels in Majorca, resorts in Tenerife or apartments in Benidorm, are close to 50% at high season beginning or end. However, in these last minute packages, traveller is limited to accept offer conditions: x type of room, x number of days, x accommodation type. Take it or leave it.

Foresight, on the contrary, has reward. German and British people know it well: they generally opt for early booking, influenced by their tour operators and agencies which, as hotels, are the most favoured with this system. Yes, there is always a reason: behind the Early Booking model and its considerable discounts at hotels located in areas such as the Canary islands, Majorca or Andalusia coast, there is a need of closing certain number of bookings, allowing them to receive high season with confidence and viability.

This is why, far-sighted travellers, those who have fixed holiday dates and chosen destinations since previous year, can get a 15% or 30% discount in any hotel rate, any type of room, any accommodation and any service.

Early Booking guarantees you better offer in hotels and accommodations than Last Minute Booking. In this sense, Early Booking is specially recommended for families wanting to book, for example, a hotel in the centre of Barcelona, or an accommodation in the old quarter of Seville, since they generally have a limited number of rooms and travelling with children sometimes requires to book connected rooms.

Although there are more and more family hotels in the centre of Barcelona, more and more family resorts in Lanzarote, Tenerife, Malaga, Huelva or Majorca -just to mention some of the most visited destinations by families- availability significantly decreases when travel dates arrive.

The best early booking deals are usually offered by tour operators and agencies, but in last years direct sales channel in online hotels websites has become stronger.  This is the reason by which it is recommended to visit hotels official websites in order to compare the most affordable and complete Early Booking packages.

Hotels and apartments in Benidorm, boutique hotels in Valencia, beach resorts in Cadiz, hotels in Barcelona coast, luxury resorts in Majorca… We can find all types of Early Booking deals for all types of accommodations, even for 5 star and luxury hotels, allowing you to enjoy top quality services at 3-star hotel rates.

Finally, in tourism, as in life, It is better to prepare and prevent than to procrastinate, repair and repent.

Getaways for the next holiday

We bring you 5 special plans for you to organize a getaway for this December holiday. Hamburg, Seville, Fuerteventura and Jerez. Beach, urban tourism and relax. Choose your destination and enjoy the hotel offers you will find online. It is time to take advantage of early booking! 

December holiday is short, so do not lose time on tours and directly book a flight. You can still find affordable flights, except for the Canary Islands, where the holiday season is longer because of the weather, so prices are very similar during the whole year. Nevertheless, hotels offer special packages, especially in destinations that are not so usual in winter, as for example the hotels in Majorca and in the southern part of the country: hotels in Cádiz, Marbella, Málaga…

Plan 1: Relax in Fuerteventura

This town in Corralejo has been chosen this year by travellers all around the world as one of the most attractive destinations for travelling.  If you have never been there, December is a good month for visiting it, since Fuerteventura is always in spring, away from the winter inclemencies. It is, besides, a perfect option if you want to get away from the routine and recharge energies before Christmas. 

As it is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Fuerteventura, you can find so varied types of hotels in Corralejo: from an Adults Only resort in Big Beaches, to a normal guest house for sleeping. If you travel for resting, we recommend you the first option, taking advantage of high season offers. Surf the hotels official websites and you will probably get a good price.

For those who want to visit the south of the island, Jandia Beach is a comfortable, affordable and enjoyable option that will allow you to be some minutes away from the lively Morro Jable town, without need of being in more crowded tourist areas.  In this season, the price of hotels next to Playa Matorral and resorts in Playa Gaviotas is very competitive, and moving all around the peninsula is very comfortable. Jandia is always a good plan for active tourism, beach and water sports lovers,  It additionally offers many night and day leisure plans for all ages. 

Plan 2: Hamburg as a couple

One of the most romantic cities of Germany is Hamburg. Its classic elegance and leisure plans, make of this city a perfect destination for a romantic getaway during some days in December. Besides being a business centre and a cultural enclave, Hamburg offers nature and unforgettable landscapes.

At the end of the year, the cultural schedule of Hamburg is full of plans: opera. rock concerts, big spectacles and, of course, the traditional Christmas markets in the main streets and squares of the city. The atmosphere is lively and pleasant, it is ideal if you want to enjoy both night and day. 

Finding anaccommodation in the centre of Hamburg is relatively easy. If you have the possibility of booking in advance, Barceló Hamburg is one of the most outstanding hotels in the centre, perfect for having relaxing days, and all types of services. In addition to the guarantee of being a hotel that belongs to a Spanish chain with many years of work in the city, it boasts an ideal location for easily discovering the main tourist attractions of Hamburg,

Plan 3: Seville in winter

December is one of the best months for visiting Seville. The Andalusian capital boasts one of the most pleasant weathers in the Peninsula during the whole year, so it is probably you could enjoy the sun and the temperature. Many are those who prefer to keep the visit to Seville until winter, precisely because from March to November heat is excessive, so they can avoid it,

The best thing we can do is to book a hotel in the centre of Seville or a hotel next to Isla Mágica. This second option is the perfect one, especially if you travel with children, since the theme park is a good choice for a family leisure during all the year.

Flamenco, cinema season, theatre and gastronomy are the strong points of the city during the winter. Aditionally, celebrations in the squares and Sevillian nights are just excellent. 

Plan 4: 365 days in Majorca

The island of Calm is reinforcing its attractions as an all year round tourist destination.  With a clear investment in culture, quality night leisure, gastronomy and traditions, Majorca is undoubtedly a good option for a getaway before Christmas. 

Whether you travel alone, as a couple or with children, choose a good hotel close to Palma. Among our favourite ones, taking into account the price, service and facilities, we propose you to enjoy a luxury stay and book the Iberostar Son Antem, before called Marriot Son Antem: luxury spa and golf resort in Llucmajor. If you prefer to stay in the heart of the city, you can find several boutique hotels in the centre of Palma, suitable for a urban getaway with friends or a romantic holiday.

Prices are very variable according to the area where the hotel you booked is located.Accommodations in the centre of Palma have similar prices during the whole year.  Maybe, they are more affordable in November, January and February, but in December and since March, prices are almost equal and not very economic The good part is that their quality and service is impeccable, as well as their location 

Plan 5: Wine route in Jerez

It is our star destination. In Jerez, one of those places in Andalusia, we can enjoy the best ambience, excellent cuisine and the most select wine culture in the south of Spain. The wine route in Jerez is one of the most fashionable getaway plans in the last years.  The advantage is that, in December, weather is delicious.

It is not necessary to book a hotel in the centre of Jerez. In fact, our proposal is to stay in the middle of the nature, close to everything but way from the stressing tourist centres. It is Barceló Montecastillo Golf, resort located next to the MotoGP circuit, good price, impeccable facilities: spaces for weddings and banquets, golf course, spa centre and luxury villas dessigned for families. Night costs around 70 euros with unlimited access to the golf. 

If you decide to spend your next holiday in Jerez, do not miss to visit the White Towns route and organize a couple of days for visiting Costa Ballena beaches, Sancti Petri and Santamaría harbour.